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The city of lights is a great place for tourism and shopping. Every item available in Dubai is worthy of spending money. However, Dubai’s electronic gadgets are available at reasonable prices. If you are in love with tech and you happen to be in Dubai, allow me to acknowledge you with some of Dubai’s best electronic stores. There are electronic stores in airports as well in case you are in a hurry to purchase gadgets.


There is no need to elaborate the features and characteristics Samsung has in store for you. Dubai’s Samsung Electronics Store provides a wide range of electronic items with affordable packages and offers. Samsung might be a little expensive for you, but it is better to buy an expensive item with a guarantee than to the one that will show defects in months. All technologies available in store for you include TV, washing machines, smart phones, air conditioners, ovens, LEDs and any electronic item that you are willing to buy. From 10 AM to 10 PM, there are about four outlets of Samsung Electronics Stores in Dubai. They are located at Mall of Emirates, Mirdif City Center, Deira City Center and The Mall of Dubai.


Carrefour is a known retail brand of Dubai with all sorts of efficient electronic gadgets in store. It has the highest number of loyal buyers that prefer it for purchasing gadgets and appliances. Experts are available for your ease at the market. They will not only guide you according to your preference, but will show you the most reasonable ones in terms of price. The best part about the store is that the prices are completely reasonable. Over the years Carrefour has gained not only trust, but managed to be on the top of the priority list of their customers. I would totally recommend you to shop from Carrefour.


Emax is one of the best Electronic shops in Festival City. Across UAE, it has about 37 branches. Over 200 international electronic brands have signed deals with Emax which means any product that you are in search of is available in Emax. A wide range of smartphones, accessories, appliances, video games is available in only Emax. The availability, as well as the service, is too good to choose any other store. It is open 13 hours a day from 10 AM to 11 PM in locations like Financial Center Road, and Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road. Aside from that, you can purchase online from their website, too.


What is a list of Electronic stores without Apply Store? Apple store is world’s most popular store that resides in the Mall of Emirates. Now you may wonder if selling iPhones, Mac books, and IPods is all that the store has in store for you or there is more. Obviously, that is all that the store sells. However, besides conducting businesses, Apple stores arrange workshops. These workshops are conducted to develop skills of photography and teach young minds the features of all latest iphones. The best part about the service of the store is that everything is organized.


Jackys Electronics have all the smartphones stored for you. It is a multi-brand retailer like Emax Electronics that has about four branches active in Dubai. They sell products of different brands all in one store. The thing I loved the most about its Dubai Mall outlet is that there are experts guiding you through your phone-buying journey. You can find them at their Mobile Clinic. Except for advising they also solve technical problems and teach you ways of improving your experience with your smartphone. The four outlets they have are available at Sharjah city center, The Dubai Mall, Ajman city center and Deira.


Jumbo Electronics is multi-brand retailer considered as the power bank for people with Electronic craze. It is a big electronic store in Dubai Deira. Jumbo Electronics has a wide range of user-friendly products. They offer discount bundles on all latest up to date electronic items. They also provide a permanent solution to business and personal needs. Every now and then, they will offer prizes that permit you to buy premium products at cheap rates. I like good deals like this. You will find a whole collection of items like TVs, washing machines, smartphones, kitchen appliances and other essential gadgets. The store is open 14 hours a day from 9 AM to 11 PM in Burjuman Center.


Sharaf  Dg is one of Dubai’s top fishes in the sea of electronics. They have their outlet open on Sheikh Zayed Rd in Dubai. This electronic brand sells the highest quality gadgets. You will come across all sorts of electronic products at one place. From home appliances to electronic gadgets like smart phones, Laptops, video games everything is available under one roof.  Sharaf DG has a team of highly skilled professionals who consider it a part of their job to satisfy you.



All of these electronic stores are available in Dubai malls. I feel like these are the best stores that provide quality products in the nicest way. After all, besides products what matters, the most is service. I hope I helped you in some way. Let me know if you decide to buy something from here.

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