Dubai Fashion

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Lets talk about Dubai Fashion

Dubai has been a controversially good place to enjoy the best of the best. The infrastructure is great and the ambiance (not the weather) is sophistically soothing. The streets are majorly packed with luxury cars, tigers and jaguars as pets, money is spent like a flame and the people who are citizens there have a lavish approach to everything they do. Dubai tourism has grown exponentially in the past decade and Dubai hotels have gained grand recognition from the rest of the world.

Moving towards Dubai Fashion, which is still a question, we here list the the fashion framework adopted by people of Dubai. Keep reading dubai fashion !

At the Malls, Souks and everything in between!
Cover it all, straight advice. Plenty of malls in Dubai have a policy that speaks out loud to foreigners to respect the clothes policy but many people blatantly disregard it. For girls, wear a skirt that covers the knees and shirt that covers the shoulders. Men are advised to wear full pants or capris but a big no to shorts or muscle tanks. If you don’t follow the policy then be prepared to be confronted by a security guard and get embarrassed.

The beach code
It does pain us to write but girls, you cannot wear that thong and go topless for a sunbath. Wear a modest bikini, no one will stop you but if your assets are more than just in a mode of flaunt, it would be considered as illegal. Boys, say goodbye to those speedos, yeah. In between travel from beachside to lounge, you will have to cover yourself, after all this is no Miami. Yes, Dubai is conservative and being in the place, you have no option other than to respect it, so no matter what the degree of heat is, just cover up yourself and travel in between the beach and your room. You would not want any judgy and knife eyes following you.

At the Bars and the nightclubs
Good thing about Dubai is that alcohol is not an easy thing to fetch for plenty of bars and hotels. So here is the bright side, get into your tight fitted jeans and that sexy blouse and if the club or any chick hotel you are in, have no such narrow rules then you can go for a cocktail dress (decent). No cleavage, no show for long legs, just don’t do it. Of course the position is better than the rules applied in public places but still you have to judge that red dress.

Dubai is a land of contrasts and trick culture, so enjoy your holidays to Dubai with grace and sophistication. Spend lavish on luxury here and see the other side of restrictions.

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