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Lets Talk about Dubai Culture

Dubai has a personified culture, a place where respect has its own respect. Built on islamic grounds, Dubai Culture represents a culture of modernity mixed with integrity. However, there will be times where few people who visit Dubai would get a culture shock, but the place justifies its rigid religion. We cannot say that the place sincerely and entirely abides by the core islamic culture, but near about 70% principles of the controversial culture are followed here. The room for modernity is only for the buildings and tourists.

Dubai Culture Hospitality in Dubai: The bedrock of Islamic culture is family, marriage and children which is why many people in Dubai chose to remain in closed circuits of their own family. Older Dubai citizens are reserved and might not appear openly welcoming the tourist especially the people who are entirely westernized but the service industry (hotels and resorts) are the opposite of it. The staff have a pleasing behaviour towards every guest and serves them in perfect service tradition. The modern Dubai families or the emirati families are very gracious and an evening with them might seem a bit overwhelming. They are very punctual, respectful, and believe in courtesy.

Islam Culture: Islam is strictly intertwined with the very fabric of a typical UAE society. Since the rigidity of the culture is no news to the world, the moralistic guidelines of islam are strictly followed by the Dubai population. They involve every principle of Qur’an in almost everything of their daily lifestyle.

Yes, the place is covered with phenomenal infrastructure, but every fast, or significant ethics of Islamic culture are strictly followed in Dubai. To enjoy the best of Dubai without landing in trouble, it is advised to respect the Dubai Culture you see even if it appears a bit on the bizarre side. UAE is a powerful nation and policies here especially related to immigrants and tourists are very strict. Law and order is followed without any delay, giving no room of either escape or second thought. If you are caught in any illegal trade or activity, chances are that a severe punishment, yes punishment or immediate deportation will be followed. So it is advised to keep your eyes and ears open while being in Dubai and enjoy the sanctity of the place.
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