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lets talk about the awesome dubai nightlife

The only claim to fame of Dubai is its extravagant platter of dubai nightlife. The late night hustle here is more than just few artists playing up to their tunes in fancy clubs. Forget local, international celebrities like David Guetta, Katy Perry, Martin Garrix, Chris Brown , Nicki Minaj have performed in multinational hotels in Dubai.

List of hotels/clubs/lounges/ premium hotels which promises best clubs in Dubai:

Club 360: Only a few of the hotspots in Dubai can beat this beast that offers an incredible dubai nightlife to anyone who steps inside the golden gates of the club. The circular venue of the club offers a splendid view of the Burj-al-arab. Hosted by internationally acclaimed Djs and a sophisticated venue for posh parties, the club is an algorithm of perfect dubai nightlife.

Nasimi Beach: Located at the backdrop of Atlantis, the beach offers the unique tradition of nightlife in Dubai with its own signature. You can dance till your breath begs you to stop and relax in the lounges created in perfect panache.

Trilogy: The busiest spot in Dubai, the club is located in Souk Madinat. International stars playing their tunes, music on rooftop terrace, and least of all beats of pure electronic music are a specialty of the club. Just a tip, you need to reserve your place hours before you decide to step into the party zone.

Barasti: The best part of the place is that you don’t have to dress classy for the party here. The club offers two fantabulous views to its guests, one being the blue of Arabian Sea and the other being the Dubai skyline. There are two levels of the club, one level offers relaxation in its music and the other provokes enthusiasm and energy in the spirit. Pick your genre and enjoy the party here.

Boudoir: The club is our personal favorite as they have a special arrangements for the ladies accompanies with a swanky decor. The club is an international destination for party goers because of its dignified treatment for every race of people especially the lebanese.

Mahiki: The place brings tropical paradise to life and follows a Polynesian theme. The club plays an endless variety of songs, starting from energetic, to peaceful further offering diversity of music options to its clients.

N’Dulge: Located in the Atlantis, situated on the Palm Jumeirah. Ladies can go on Wednesdays if they are specific about their environment. Plenty of international Djs have played in the club which has helped the club earn an international acclaim. All sorts of music are played here be it electronic or be it pop or rock. The food here is also amazing as a variety of dishes are served here to its guests. Visit the place if you want to enjoy a splendid ambiance, good music and amazing crowd.
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