Dubai Sightseeing

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So are you ready for Dubai SightSeeing ? Wondering how to reach dubai creek
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Planning on a visit to the man-made paradise standing tall in the sand? We have a perfect itinerary of place to visit in Dubai planned for you. Scroll on to note your pick on Dubai SightSeeing:

Dubai SightSeeing Burj Khalifa: The 828 metres tall building standing high in Downtown Dubai is a man-made wonder. The 124 floor building is an exceptional work of both art and infrastructure. The Jewel of Dubai has the second highest observation deck in the world. The tower is also a hotel which is hellishly expensive but is a definite pick if you can afford the standalone luxury.

Dubai SightSeeing
Atlantis Palm Jumeirah: A 7 star resort located near the Jumeirah beach, is an attraction for pure fascination. Witness the dolphin dance at the Dolphin Bay and shark safari to give your adrenaline a test. The exquisite marine life is also a must watch further making the place more than just a hotel.

Dubai SightSeeing Ferrari World: Your love for supercars, especially the ferrari can be satisfied here in Dubai. The amusement park is entirely themed in a ferrari concept, and is a perfect destination for sports lovers. Made in Maranello, Speed of Magic, Paddock, The Racing Legends, Fast Lane and Tyre Twist are few of the games that you can enjoy with either friends or family.

Dubai SightSeeing Dubai Desert Conservation Centre: A natural habitat of flora and fauna, the conservation centre is aimed at protecting the biodiversity of the region. You can travel in a safari and witness plenty of migratory birds flocking here from season to season. Enjoy sports like camel treks, archery, horse riding, sandboarding and other adventure sports offered here.

Dubai SightSeeing Emirates Towers: Jumeirah Emirates Towers Hotel and The Emirates Office Tower together are known as the emirates towers. The towers are a grand example of exemplary infrastructure and offers more than just ultra-luxurious accommodation for guests.

Dubai SightSeeing Palm Islands: Another classic example of man-made island, palm island is a fantastic out of the box tourist attraction. The island are a trademark of splendid man-made creation and makes it hard to believe that it is not natural. One of the most significant stops while being on a tour to Dubai.

Dubai SightSeeing
Jumeirah Beach: Fun, Sand and sun are the three things that you will find in the beach. Famous for family get togethers and a hot picnic spot, the beach is a place sports like kayaking, jet-skiing, banana rides, parasailing, snorkeling, and scuba diving are offered in style. You can also enjoy the view of Dubai skyline from the luxury lounges built at the beach perfect for tourists.

Dubai SightSeeing Dubai Festival City: A city is a dimension house of business, residential, and entertainment areas. You can enjoy plenty of different leisure activities presented out here in style and perfection. The city houses 400 retails stores and tons of restaurants and lounges.

Dubai SightSeeing
Dubai Shopping Festival: Well, Dubai is a shopping paradise as well. Explore endless shopping opportunities here under affordable prices. The festival has everything on sale, starting from shoes further scaling to furniture, the bandwidth of shopping opportunity is huge here.

Dubai SightSeeing Dubai Fountains: With an ability to splash 22,000 gallons or 83,000 liters of water in air at any particular time of the day, the Dubai Fountain is the biggest dancing fountain across all geographic entities in the world. 902 feet high in length, the fountain shoots water up to the height of 500 feet and is also enlightened by 25 colored projectors and places to visit in dubai for kids

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