Dubai Zoo – Animal’s paradise

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I had been so lucky to get a chance to visit the most wonderful Dubai Zoo which truly is a paradise for animals staying there. Not only is it wonderfully kept, well maintained, properly hygienic, well authorised but also beautifully decorated, safe and sound for all visitors, having the most adapt people to take care of all the animals and lots and lots more.

Originally built in 1967, it is located in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. It was treated as a landmark back in the late 60’s in Dubai as it literally says the “towns end”. It was originally built by a Dubai resident, H.H Sheikh Rashid bin Maktoum the late ruler of Dubai permitted Otto J Bulartto build a zoo in Jumeirah on a two hectare plot. It is still the oldest zoo in the Arabian peninsula.

It has a proud residence of an overwhelming 230 different species of animals who found their home in this zoo and from my own experience I can proudly say that they are tremendously well looked after. Each and every animal is well fed and we’ll bred, always having more than enough to eat. During different seasons they are provided with different and separate adapting procedures by their care takers so that no one might face any kind of uncomfort.

I was astonished to see how beautifully and with how much effort these animals are managed and trained. The most adapt and highly qualified professionals trains each and every animal so much so that visitors never have any kind of problem. The atmosphere is so peaceful at the zoo that one can take all their families even small children to the zoo without the least amount of tension or inconvenience.

The place is impeccably clean and hygienic with separate eating and resting place for the animals and visitors which are extremely well kept. The visitors are alloted specific beautifully kept places to take rest as well as well indicated paths with proper signs to visit all the animals.

In 1971 the responsibility and authority of Dubai Zoo was taken over by the Dubai Municipality. During the initial years of its formation, the Dubai Zoo housed only few animals like the big cats, monkeys, hoofed animals. There was then a small water park with few fishes and water animals. From may 1986 to 1989 the zoo was further rebuild and redesigned and numerous changes were brought. It is Dubai’s very first zoo to actually house a very rare species of “ chimpanzee” and the “Gordon’s wildcat”.

In the recent years many new animals have been brought. There are 248 mammal specimens in Dubai Zoo  including fox, hyena, jaguars, puma, chimpanzee, baboon, monkeys, lions, Asiatic lion, dear, bear, porcupines, giraffe, hippos, Barbary sheep.

Endangered species like socotra sag or the cormorant, the Bengal tiger, gorilla, sub species of grey wolf and Arabian wolf, Siberian Tiger and the species of Gordon’s wildcat are found here. Birds include golden eagle, ostrich and parrots. Over 400 specimens of reptiles are found here.

During summer the opening hours are from 10am to 6pm and 10am to 5:30pm in winter. Dubai Zoo attracts a large number of visitors yearly. As of 2008 the number of visitors were 336,346!!!. Dubai Zoo is the first to house the rare species of chimpanzee and is the oldest zoo not only in united Arab Emirates but also in the entire Arab Emirates!! It is a special place for fun and interest for the tourists and attracts a huge number of visitors yearly.

There are 43 types of mammals 160 in total number. There are 53 types of birds 513 in total number. There are 23 types of reptiles 311 in total number.

The facilities that Dubai Zoo provides are-

  1. Public facilities service ( WC for men, woman and people with special needs)
  2. Prayer place services ( for men, women with special place for ablution)
  3. Shaded sitting arrangements.
  4. Restaurants providing food, beverages, sweets, ice cream and other items also available.
  5. Proper and immediate attention in case of any emergency.
  6. Immediate assistance in case of any requirement.
  7. Proper sanitation facilities.
  8. Properly and distinctly marked and we’ll indicated paths and roadways to lead to every section of animals.
  9. Well lit up place for convenience.
  10. Proper safety arrangements in case of any problems with any animal.


The working hours according to Dubai Zoo are-

From 10 am to 6 pm from 1st March to end of October.

During winter from 10 am to 5:39 pm from November to February.

The zoo remains closed on Tuesdays.

The entrance fees of Dubai Zoo is-

-2 Dhs for each person

-Children under the age of 2 are free of charges

– free entry for people with special needs.

The zoo is extremely well administered and maintained and thus they provide each visitor with some very important safety measures to follow. Where wild animals are concerned, peaceful environment is a must. Thus following these rules are a must so that both the animals and the visitors have a good stay and great experience.


The address of the Dubai Zoo is Jumeirah 1 near Jumeirah shopping centre and Mercato centre. Jumeirah street Dubai – UAE.

Thus if you are on a visit to Dubai in the united Arab Emirates then Dubai Zoo is a must visit. Trust me you won’t regret it.

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