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So are you looking for the best places to have food in dubai or would like to get information about dubai food ,dubai street food and Arabic cuisine

Dubai is a splendid place which speaks only respect for morals and infrastructure. Dubai is a brand of premium luxury and has replaced plenty of places in the world by its extravagant offerings. Dubai tourism on the other hand has grown tremendously and has even opened its doors to new businesses apart from import/export. Keeping that aside and wearing the sun hat, we are more focussed on the apprehension of holidays to Dubai. Considering the fact that Dubai is a place of cross culture, eatery is the first thing that comes to the budget list after shortlisting hotels in Dubai, and our intention being pure about our assistance, we here list the best eating spots in Dubai. Keep reading.

Play Restaurant and Lounge Offering best dubai food: Exclusiveness is the class here and the “Mediterrasian” is the cuisine served here which is actually a combination of two other cuisines. Head chef of the restaurant, Reif Othman, serves the best amazing sashimi and creative sushi. Expect the meals to be finest with a signature taste. We recommend Marina Social and Bistrot Bagatelle.

The Hide: The decor, the price and the food, all three are in sync with the word perfection or we can say is unparalleled. The restaurant serves amazing dubai food as the chefs are really passionate about maintaining their cooking decorum.

Pierchic: They serve the best european food we rate them 10/10 for everything. The romantic outset served with the best seafood in dubai and has also been awarded multiple times for its unparalleled food.

Eauzone: Positioned besides the pool, and inhibiting an ambiance that is nothing less than just romantic, the restaurant serves the best food in Dubai. Try the place for its modern asian cuisine and enjoy the alcohol served in style at the posh bar besides the restaurant.

La Petite Maison: Serving the mediterranean cuisine in a splendid style, the restaurant is renowned for its perfection in the cuisine. Just a tip, also try out their seafood as they serve the delicacy in purest taste.

Al Hadheerah: The restaurant is one of the signature creations of the famous Bab Al Shams Resort in Dubai. The whole appearance of the restaurant is in form of sand dunes, as it has adopted an isolated oasis theme. The food is amazing without a doubt.

Zhenghe’s: This is one of the few restaurants of Dubai that actually serve the best modern cuisine food. Plenty of western dishes have a blend of chinese taste in it further giving the food a delicious bang.

Nobu: A Japanese restaurant in the middle of a sand culture. Undoubtedly the best place to try out Japanese food mixed with arabian influences. There is a sushi bar and private areas only for intimate gatherings.

Apart from these best restaurants in dubai you will find Indian food in dubai almost everywhere these chains and cafe joints are mostly operated by people from kerala in dubai and are places where you can get cheapest food in dubai or budget food in dubai but quality .

The cheapest food available in dubai would be a shwarma in dubai which can come fro 4 aed to 10 aed but on a average is about 5 aed at most of the places apart from restaurants you can find grocery stores almost every where so you have a option to save money in dubai when you are travelling to dubai .
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There are various delivery service dubai and we constantly update our blog with information on dubai food and dubai food prices so keep visiting us

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