My favorite fashion brands in Dubai

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“Fashion and Dubai has a new morning every day”-Bazil Patel. My trip to Dubai or you can say my escape from a life that i left behind has been amazing. My decision to come out in the sand city was to break my life’s ongoing monotony which had made me a loner, also for which I am proud of in a way. Enough about what I feel, the article will take a different course, so steering to the motive with which i decided to write the article, fashion in Dubai, clearly a gospel truth which i would like to highlight. Note, that my inference of Dubai fashion is based on my 4 months of stay and sheer dedication for ongoing fashion follows.

Being a multicultural place, Dubai has different shades of fashion, I like one in particular, that is people here follow the decorum and clothing rituals signified by the people of Dubai. This means that there is one fashion drafted by the creators of Dubai itself, there is much to highlight in it but I would suggest that whenever you guys make an entry here, you can clearly spot it out. More, since I am more good at recollection than expressing every single point I saw, I would mention few brands that are favorite of all, be it Dubai residents or the tourists. Keep reading, also you can make an ideal note of it.

Mochi: This is a local brand of Dubai but the showroom has an international audience. The designer is eccentric in her creativity which is also reflected brilliantly in her works. All the pieces of her work are inspired by the places she has travelled, like the mirror work from Jaipur, textiles from Thailand and embroidery from Hungary. This one is my favorite which is why it’s on the top of the list.

Tom Ford: One of the premium luxury brands is the favorite of all in Dubai. What I noticed is the fact that the principal outlet is directed at fashionable individuals with an increased fondness for lavish outfits. Not many can afford it, but if anyone can, then the money is all worth it.

Louis Vuitton: The outlet has pledged to give its customers a faultless excellence with their innovative and explicit styles. I browsed specifically for wallets, watches and accessories and damn, I felt like I was in a manmade heaven. The outlet has everything for anyone and which is why it amongst the favorite of all in Dubai.

Burberry: We all know what Burberry stands for, it stands for presentation of THE fashion and the fashion pieces displayed by the billion dollar brand is exquisite in every way. Pick anything, every piece is just amazingly crafted in every way further making me want to bunk my savings. Even if you are not a fan of the brand, you will become one once you visit the showroom in Dubai.

Victoria’s Secret: Alright I agree, there is not much for me in here, but boy the place was worth a random browse. Dubai people are obsessed with Victoria’s Secret and the brand also has one of the biggest showrooms in the sand city. I greatly felt victimized here, victim of beauty and design specifically, but I would say the pain was worth it.

That’s my list; if you think that I should add more to it, then leave me a comment, I promise I will be your good friend. Cheers~

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