My Experience With Global Village Dubai

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  “Dubai is… after all, a lonely, transitory place. It’s hard to maintain relationships when people are always coming and going.” – Ameera Al Hakawati. The quote matches every ounce of me today. Having been staying in Dubai for months now has changed my perception towards life in fractions of way because you know, I owe maximum of my emotional transactions to my loner status, and I am proud of it. Since months the most notorious and fun part of Dubai I came across is the Global Village Dubai. Why do I think so, read on to know it and then do thank me later, it motivates me, you know.

Global Village Dubai, My version: As I took my curious steps towards the Global Village, my mind just knocked and said :”where were you stupid head, all this time”, Global Village had that effect on me. Rides, food, posh crowd, cultural entertainment and more, what’s not there to like. Specially known for its huge dias where people from more than 65 countries display their local products, the experience is just crazy.

You speak anything you want to pass your time, it’s there in the village. So as my mind boggled and got curious to know what’s the best in it, I started looking for the rarest thing in my mind’s encyclopedia could come, and that was the delicious honey from Yemen and also the exclusive carpets from Iran and Afghanistan. Being bipolar in thoughts I started off with my search and I wasn’t disappointed. I found both the things and that too amazingly original and rare. So now I cannot say, that all of the luxury in Dubai is bought, it does have some continental heritage attached to itself as well which are most of the times displayed in forms of events and festivals.

What more I discovered: Since the moroccan argan oil is quite famous, I hunted for that and bought it, a proud purchase. Other things famous of the Global Village are dried fruits from Thailand and engraved necklaces from Spain. I was baffled with the quality and sure people around me were more than just satisfied with their discoveries as well as purchases. Unlike most of the people who say, that they may find this or that in their home country better, I would say, sure you would, but Dubai will not disappoint you as the quality you get here would be way more superior and amazing.

For entertainment: The place goes crazy at night, trust me, plenty of international stars come here and perform on night concerts and enlighten the mood of all. I would say the place offers a true global adventure, thanks to the several stalls and pavilions, also the magic, music and comedy, especially, world culture saga amazes the hell out of every one. So in all, my experience with Global village was amazing. For more info you can visit the website. It happens from October to April, whenever you come, do meet me. Cheers~

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