Kites Beach Dubai Such A peace Trip!

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“I want to go to – what’s that hot country with a lot of money? – Dubai”   When I first read this quote, I thought, Dubai is overrated and is basically a place that has earned lot of appreciation in a very short time. Maybe people just appreciate a lot when they get spoilt by classy luxury . To prove this right, being a hippie by nature, I marked my next destination as Dubai. A bag full of memories to spoil myself as Dubai agrees to this, and a prepared mind to dissect the hype surrounding the place, I visited the place, Dubai, the city of luxury realms.

The place, a typical arabian cultured city, huge skyscrapers, lavish buildings, posh crowd, fancy malls, and above all, an elegant ambience, Dubai at first shocked me and in a fit to satisfy my curiosity, I started creating my checklist, and the first place to hit was a beach, of course. Since in Dubai, every thing is man-made as the history of the place is probably a decade old, man made beaches in a middle of frying weather grabbed my maximum attention. With every inch of me dying to get into the water, I stepped into Kites beach and all thanks to the peace trip.

The beach, technically a pristine stretch of white sand, clogged my eyes in awe. As my loneliness, which now I was more thankful for, took me step to step on the beach in an urge for reserving every sight I lay my eyes on. I was surprised at once with the fact that technology for the hundredth time has put its brains into the right place. Wondering why I got flattered this much, a person who tried to be a pundit? Well, all of that taken, I list what I found on the beach that swayed me this much, apart from hot girls.

Kites Beach: Warm weather, courtesy the blue sea water from Arabian Gulf and also it was March, little crowd, and above all the white soft sand which knew what I wanted at that time, relaxation. The beach is quiet and had quality crowd, also a hotspot for residents, famous for kite surfers, the beach is a perfect score.

For food lovers, including me, plenty of eateries present at the beach, lot of coffee houses, and full marks to maintenance as well. The place agrees to peace and has a very warm inviting vibe which took my stress of a long flight in just a single breath away.

Adventure sports is all the fun: Apart from a breathtaking view of Burj Al Arab from the beach, the beach is a haven for watersports adventure lovers. The arc separating the white sand and the sea sparkles the beauty of the beach where plenty adventure sports enthusiasts try their skills. Beach volleyball and windsurfing were the activities sustaining the maximum crowd. Apart from generic watersports, the beach dons a superb cycling/jogging track, further giving me a headstart of schedule that I was about to derive for my stay here.

So, that pretty much sums up my first impression of the Kites Beach, what’s next is yet to have a vote, any suggestions are welcome, btw. So, I disclose my first definition of Dubai which is a place where luxury narrates a different value, a value that is ambitious in itself and unmatchable by any other country in the world. Stay tuned with me folks, brb~!

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