Level 43 Lounge Dubai

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“Here’s all I know about Dubai and level 43 dubai : It’s one of those somewhere-over-there places where they make sand”, said a wise man once and now I completely agree with him with all my wits and conscience since I have not been partying since 12 hours straight. Being in Dubai made me more classy thanks to the luxury and more royalty thanks to the impeccable bars and lounges here. Being a hippie, the greatest advantage I stand is to wander without reasons and after hovering the sand haven, I crashed in Level 43 Lounge. Trust me guys, the place is pure bliss, nothing else said. Why did I vote for the place with all stars, read on to know it.

Level 43 Lounge: Around 155 meters up in the air, the place is an exotic charm. An open air bar, the place lets its guests have an impeccable view of the great Sheikh Zayed Road. Since I went there clear headed, I was able to lock amazing views of Burj Khalifa, The Dubai Mall, Burj Al Arab, Atlantis The Palm, and the Jumeirah coastline.
Though the place is a bit upscale but one wouldn’t mind blowing few bucks here. The drinks are amazing and offer a laid back freedom to the guests. When I went there, it appeared to be a typical bar but then later when I stepped in deeper, the place just amazed me, amazed me to this extent that I actually wrote about it. Imagine my admiration.

The place is best suited after having a long stressed up day. I say it and I mean it. Special ladies night, jazz night and happy hours does makes the place even more desirable to attend. The place is lightened up with sexy blue lights and along with it offers a 360 degrees panoramic view of the amazingly sculpted buildings around the 43 floor high place, I said this earlier, but actually I am proud of it, so again a second mention.

What to wear for the place? Since Dubai is a bit clothing specific, so being culturally aware is a must here, I would suggest wear sub casual dresses and chillout. The best hours to visit the place is the after hours as the places just livens up with a posh crowd. For people like me, who satisfy their loneliness in a crowd then this the place for you guys. Also, don’t expect poetry verses to come calling into you, the place isn’t that provocative as well when it comes to the loner peace zone.

Speaking about food, the place serves multi- cuisine food, or bar dishes so don’t expect a dine food from it. Enjoy the special drinks, ambience, cocktails and other drinks while you forget the stress of the day. So plenty of things here, but everyone in Dubai come here for only one main reason and that is the open air bar that lets you talk to the air and confront your peace. Stay tuned with me for more updates. Cheers~

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