Life in Dubai from a Birds Eye

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Well, it’s just not me that’s thinking about Dubai but there are a million others too who have been a part of Dubai sometime in their life may be as a tourist as a traveler a job seeker or may be the local emiratis which are a part of this wonderful creation of the Arabs.

Dubai is a city that belongs to travellers it’s a free land built by the Arabs for everyone that wants to experience life, to be honest, these Arabs have a lifestyle and from luxury to pleasure they have everything available on their fingertips they are always up for new things innovations and are on the path of being better than the rest of the world they have everything they want right from luxurious cars to palaces and villas you name it and Dubai will give you everything.

Dubai mainly comprises of Filipinos, Indians, Pakistanis, Russians and Europeans to some extent local Arabs too called emiratis.

The majority of ppl living in Dubai belongs to the working class mainly Indians, Filipinos, and Pakistanis not to forget the beautiful sudanis and Africans you will find them all around Dubai .

They say you can’t buy a property in Dubai but to be honest I have my property in my country back home but still I feel I don’t belong to it but it’s Dubai that made me feel that yes this is my land the kind of freedom and love which you get being a different nationality is just something beautiful .

Dubai is surely an expensive place but to be honest if you are earning 1000 dirhams or 10000 dirhams everyone survives here the place feeds everyone. From food to fun everything is available whether you are a job seeker entrepreneur or just wanna enjoy retirement well Dubai is the place.

The infrastructure shopping experience and party Dubai is a hub is undoubtedly one of the best in the world and when it comes to trading, unlike bitcoins Dubai has gold to offer well tons of gold so that’s real trade, real money, not just an another piece of paper they call dollars.

You will find the largest banks fastest automobiles craziest theme parks most luxurious hotels in Dubai so I think everyone is here for a reason and that’s money so yeh Dubai is the place.

Let me give you a brief about the nightlife and beaches.

To be honest it’s paradise if you have that thing they call money Dubai will drive you crazy the women the music the clubs everything is on the top of the table what you need is just a champagne and some cubic cigar and than Dubai shows you what life is , apart from this Dubai has fun for budgeted party animals to there are places where beer is cheap the music is loud and you find nice faces too so don’t you worry child to step in the wonderland Dubai is calling you!

From street food to cozy cafes and fine dine Dubai has the yummiest cuisines existing on mother earth and if you are a vegan it’s a good news Dubai has places for you too.

When it comes to health and fitness you will find amazing yoga studios wellness centers gyms and meditation centers all around Dubai other than that yes you get the best medical facilities only if you have those dirhams showering in your bank account.

Whether you are a loner or a crowd seeking personality you will find a space for your soul in Dubai and just in case if you are ever lost or lonely the beaches are cleanest and the sea heals for sure they are just so beautiful.

For your kids, Dubai has built big toys in theme parks calling you all the time and indeed these Arabs don’t compromise on education so they can have a good future too.

For art lovers, you will have a chance to experience amazing art galleries and art in Dubai, From street sellers selling everything artistic to big galleries flaunting their high priced paintings Dubai is just a treat for the eyes.

In my view, I have divided Dubai into three categories one is the stage that belongs to Arabs where they showcase their luxurious cars imported facilities and lavish lifestyle so it’s more of a circus everyone is a part of,
The audience is everyone that’s attracted to the stage from job seekers to traders who want to reach that stage or at least feel it so all of them are trying day and night working their way out to just touch that world created by the Arabs,
And the performers are the beautiful birds entertaining everyone and soothing their souls and motivating and inspiring all of them so that it goes on and I hope this show lasts forever because all this to me is pure Drama and I love drama!

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