Marmoom Festival one of the best festivals in Dubai!

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“Being in Dubai is like waking up to a new festival every day”- Bazil Patel. Been staying in Dubai for like 4 months now, my explanation for the term loner has completely changed. There is so much to explore in the city, starting from the buildings that talks only goals, to the beaches which only invites relaxation along with festivals that only motivates and inspires to do polish our talent and fight for it. That’s what I’ve learnt during my precious stay here in Dubai. These days I’ve been regularly visiting one of the most elite festivals of Dubai, the Marmoom festival and all I can say that the sportssmen are the witnesses here, witness of collective strength displayed by plenty of sports and adventure enthusiasts.

What’s Marmoom all about: Since I spoke in a generic format, let me go specific, the Marmoom festival is all about camel race where camels who are thoroughbreds, firstborns, hybrids and of any other breed race. It’s a pleasure to watch such robust creatures race each other and mark the victory of the their respective owner. When I sat to watch, trust me my initial expression in my head was only that how can camels look smart while racing?huh? Well, I was proved wrong by the gods and trust me when I sat watching the race, I was refreshed with amazing energy. The place is lightened up with crazy camel racing enthusiasts and the race keeps the adrenaline in the body raced up to a jinx level.

Other things in Marmoom: The thing that makes Marmoom a fun-carnival like place, is its sporadic traditional dances, wedding scenes and plenty of traditional bands. I majorly stalked the traditional dances and let myself mesmerized by the belly dancing, of course and other offering by the marmoom as well.

I was glad to see the energetic camel dancing, the festival is counted as one of the biggest festivals of Dubai. People from all over the world come here and join the squad of elites who pass their time in watching camels race. The festival this time starts from April 5 and ended in 2 weeks , i.e. April 15, 2017, make sure you guys come next year and enjoy the festival. Also, do not forget to meet me. Cheers~

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