How To Obtain A Driving License In Dubai

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How To Obtain A Driving License In Dubai/ A Guide To Get Set Go On The Roads Of Dubai

Nothing beats a really good drive. It’s a great idea to be able to drive yourself along uninterrupted corners of the world. If you have a zeal for driving then you must obtain a driving license before you actually jump onto the road to test you driving flair. Especially, in Dubai there is a zero tolerance policy on drinking and driving. So be sure to obtain a driving license to stay away from fine and punishment. Today I have demonstrated a step-by-step guide for driving license aspirants. So folks be ready to beat the roads through the unstoppable force within you.

The adult UAE citizens/residents can obtain driving license after training from an authorized driving school in Dubai. A person should not be less than 18-21 year of age, to be able to apply for a probationary license. The person then must be tested before a permanent license is granted to him. It is mandatory for a person who has never driven before or doesn’t have a driving license that is on the approved list of 36 countries to undergo training.


Required documents

    • Emirates ID (Original and copy)
    • Passport (original & copy) with resident stamp
    • Passport size photographs (8 or more)
    • NOC (No Objection Certificate) from employer – Depends on individual cases, so it’s better to call ahead and confirm
    • Eye test results for preferred category (Can be done by an optician or can be arranged by preferred driving school)
    • The country from which your license was issued and your citizenship determines the transfer of license to a UAE license. This is mandatory for valid driving license holder.


  • Residence visa copy


Theory Test

The theory test is the first paradigm to reach closer to your goal of obtaining a driving license in Dubai. This test is carried out at the five authorized driving schools and it manly consists of a written test in which 35 questions based on traffic signal, road safety, safe driving, accidental emergencies is asked in either Arabic, English or Urdu. Right now the government is taking steps to add more languages to conduct this test.  It’s mandatory to show relevant ID, driving file + 2 photos and RTA fee of AED 200 during the theory test. Visually impaired candidates or those who don’t have the knowledge of computer can opt for the oral exam option.


There are two segments of the question paper. The first segment has 17 questions focusing on traffic scenario and the minimum correct answer should be 11 to pass the first segment of the written test. After you pass the first segment successfully you sit for the second segment of the exam where you’re asked 18 questions related to the specific driving license and the minimum correct answer should be 12. Then you can proceed for the road test.


Road Test

This is a practical exam which happens on a scheduled date. On the date assigned, you have to go to the RTA License Section as advised by your driving school with your passport, driving file+ 2 photos. Then you fill up the application form & you have to pay a fee (around AED 200 for road test). When your name is called out, you have to go for the trial. You are given just few minutes to impress the authorities with your driving skill.

If you fail, you have to enroll with your driving school for at least 7 more classes and get a new road-test date. If you pass, you can go to the pass counter to collect the approval paper from your. Again you have to submit a nominal fee and then finally you can collect your test file and submit to Control Counter. And after all of this complex trial and check you will finally receive your DL and you can drive freely in any corner of UAE.

Authorized Driving Schools  

Al Ahi Driving School-04-3411500 (10 branches)                                                                            Driving center- 04-3455855 (13 branches)
Emirates Driving Institute-04-2631100 (53 branches/mall counters)
Galadari Driving School-04-2676166 (14 branches)
Drive Dubai 04-8855118      

License from countries not included in RTA list

A person having a license from a country not included in the list, doesn’t get the option to get it transferred to a UAE license. However, you might get some relief in the number of classes you will have to attend depending on the validity of your existing license.

So these were few guidelines to help you snatch your opportunity to drive on the busy roads of UAE in the first attempt and if you’re not successful in the first attempt then you can keep trying because nothing can stop a thirsty soul. Wandering onto the roads of UAE can be the best experience of your life but before that go get a driving license.

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