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“Make the most out of tonight and worry about it all tomorrow.” This quote has been my life ritual since the time I realized I am as good as lonely and as fun when a hippie. So, belonging to the zone of acute selfishness and curiosity to find different places in the world which tunes with me, i.e fun, , party, dance (maybe), I marked Dubai as my next target, owing to the hype. So, packings, bookings, and information gathering happened and next thing you know, I am in Dubai, the sheik’s abode.

My first impression of the place was amazing, plain and simple, no extra adjectives here. Like a hawk, owing to my addiction to parties, I started noting down places of party worships in Dubai and the first place I got in recommendation from Google was Barasti Beach Bar Dubai. Ok, so the name had a beach and a bar in it, so I just had only one thing in mind, the commercials, which was again not certain since its Dubai and again it’s me, hello! So I went to the place like a blank page ready to be smashed away with memories I make here.

Barasti Beach Bar, My Definition:
One of Dubai’s most vibrant bars, the place is a hippie site for intense party goers. Having a live sports screen, an open bar and live music, Barasti just took my breath away and made every penny in my pocket worth a visit.

Speaking technically, Barasti is a place for lazy beach lovers, and the makers of the place has exploited that joy  of a man, quiet fantastically. My most pure intentions of listening dance music,  bathing in beach, live sport videos and live music by special artists, just met its virtual parentage.

What the place offers to eat is quite typical but if you ask specifically, then fantastic cocktails at the backdrop of Dubai Marina is a blessing. My thoughts on this is just let the feelings sway in your body and go with the flow, flow of immense luxury with a wonderful crowd around. There are special meal packages for everyone, family, couple or friends, so you can pick your vote and treat yourself.

Special DJs: Few beers to go, a rugby match to see, and  mermaids  laying in the sun, what can anyone complain for in life, right. Speaking for live music, there are many international popular artists who come here and spoil the crowd with their crazy tunes.
If you are planning to visit the place, then here is the link, to notice any special event happening in Barasati.

Free Parking: I did not knew what to be more thankful for when I visited the place, but being technical i will say that free parking is the winner here. You can park in the place provided by them and then jump in for the fun.

Well, since this was my first stop, there is lot more to explore in Dubai, I will be back with a smashing update. Stay tuned fellas!

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