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When the summer vacations begin parents, also, begin to expect from their kids to stay productive and have fun at the same time. There is only one solution to fulfill their expectations and that is Summer Camps. Active children always find summer camps exciting. I say active because there are lazy ones out there like me who love sleeping more. Every now and then I was expected to attend the summer camp and as a kid, I found some things positively affecting my mood and some arrangements ruining it. After a lot of research, I have come up with some of the most exclusive summer camps of Dubai that will be perfect for your kids. After all, it takes a nice vacation to completely refresh kids for a whole year of academic studies.


All the qualities parents look for in  summer camps are completely understood and delivered by Cascade Learning. Cascade learning not only provides entertainment, but conducts educational and challenging programs that encourage kids to focus on their skills and exhibit their creativity in a surrounding that is secure, hygienic and friendly. It is necessary for kids with the need to have a session for personal and physical growth. I would highly recommend this summer camp to everyone. Several British teachers will be at your service all day long. The camp will definitely have a positive impact on young minds.


Funky Monkey is located on Sheikh Zayeds road in the center of Dubai. Parents and students will have no problem with its location since it is feasible for everyone. Every activity whether it is indoor or outdoor is open to both of the genders. Kids are guaranteed to not only develop positive thoughts within them mentally, but physically they will be taught the importance of staying active and having a productive routine. Funkey Monkey is a great way to nourish young minds and set them on the path of excellence.


Jumeirah Beach is Dubai’s known landmark which is home to several incredible facilities and places. One of them is Sinbad Kids Club. Sinbad Kids club is the perfect summer club for all types of kids. Each day will have a new adventurous activity for kids while keeping their safety on the top of the list. You don’t have to worry even a little about your child’s safety. All precautions are taken before hand in Sinbad Club.  All sorts of activities from outdoor games to indoor games are available for your kid’s entertainment. Both physical and mental growth is guaranteed.–services/sinbads-kids-club/


Dudive is located in Dubai’s Hamdan sports complex. It is top notch summer club for kids of all ages. The staff is not only qualified, but trained properly for both the purpose of taking care of a child and teaching them. The summer camp is inside the complex so your child will have a more comfortable environment. It is a five hour long camp where all facilities are available. From gym to board work to jumping on trampoline, every activity is organized properly for the fun and safety of your child.


Dubai’s known summer club that is famous by the name Active Sports Academy is open to kids between the ages of 4 and 14. As the name indicates, it is a sports club with all activities related to sports. Through the camp, kids are taught the value of coordination and importance of allowing physical activities to be a part of your routine. Each Wednesday, the club takes kids out on trips and now they are introducing new activities on Thursday as well.  Your child will have a memorable time at the club.




I am completely aware of the struggles of summer vacations when it comes to handling super energetic and active kids. Summer camps are the perfect way for you to not only give your kids an opportunity for breathing fresh air, but also a chance to nourish their skills in a fun way. I have recommended all these summer camps because so far they are the best ones in Dubai. Let me know which one is on the top of your priority list. You are free to add more to the list. Have a great and active day full of healthy decisions.

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