Top 5 Luxury hotels in Dubai and Cost to Bed There!

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The great advantage of a hotel is that it is a refuge from home life.” said George Bernard Shaw and he is damn right. Hotels are one place that just sucks away the depressing  up things in life, till the time the money doesn’t abandons you. In my case, money is like my girlfriend, comes and goes on it’s own wish. So, it’s been a while, I am in Dubai, staying here has been soothing to soul and fire to money but it’s worth the nature of a hippie. What excited me during this time, is the classified, fantabulous creation of man, after boom yeah thats luxury hotels of Dubai. Apart from the fact I will take a month to settle for one day stay in a fancy hotel in Dubai, I just brainstormed them, and here are my mental notes on them:

Armani Hotel Dubai: The place is blessed, blessed with tons of money in each inch of its creation. Having a tagline of “the world of sophisticated beauty”, the place is created under the supervision of Armani himself. The hotel has 160 guests and suites and is located in Burj Khalifa itself. The hotel is minutes away from Dubai mall and also houses a couture district in its abode. The per night rent can be as close to 37,000 INR.

Jumeirah Emirates Towers: Located on Sheikh Zayed Road, the hotel is located in the centre of Dubai’s commercial business district. A visible statement of premium luxury, the hotel is a kind in itself in whole of Dubai. Basically a business hotel category, Jumeirah, dons 400-bedrooms, accompanied by a Shopping Boulevard. Technology is best used in the tower to actually match the level of premium luxury. Per night stay comes close to 38,000 INR without any taxes.

Burj Al Arab: Standing tall on the coastline of Dubai, Burj Al Arab is a legendary and symbolic hotel in the Dubai terrain. To make this more crispier, the hotel is also one of the most photographed hotel in the world. The best thing that I liked about the place is the choreographed lighting representing fire and water, which makes the hotel impressive, inspiring and simply individualistic. Per night stay is close to 114970 INR. Phew!

Oberoi Dubai: Following the name of Oberoi’s, the five star luxury in Dubai is a contemporary luxury hotel. Since plenty of 5 star hotels are the same, i would say the Oberoi is nothing similar to the others, it is basically a luxurious rejuvenation. Specially commissioned artwork, fantastic spa services and above all the ambience just wins the place a perfect score, from me, like as if they asked. Per night stay here is cheap, you can get a great deal of 26,000 INR or maybe less, if you are a hotel site stalker.

The Meydan Hotel: One line for this one, the hotel is an ultra modern architectural facade. Coming down to accommodation, the hotel offers 285 expansive luxuriously elected rooms and suites which comes at a nobel price. The grand ballroom has an amazing capacity of fitting around 400 people altogether. A tentative estimation of the hotel’s per night stay is around 30,000 INR.

Ok, so this was my window conclusion of the bestest hotels in Dubai. Since I am able to write for them, I hope they offer me a free stay, or maybe I am high or something, whatever, so if you guys have a separate acknowledgement of them, do write back to me, after all we are friends.

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