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Football is an international sport that requires quick reflexes, agility, and an enduring personality. Not everyone has the passion it takes to be a fan of football. I actually remember playing it in high school all the time. I even made a resolution to never get so busy with life that I have to kick football to a corner. But then I grew up and life happened. So all my fellow football freaks of Dubai, let me introduce you to some of the best football academies of Dubai.






Dubai’s sports city is not only about football. Sports played here are a combination of world’s most played games like soccer, golf and of course the football academy teaches kids and adults the art of acing a football match. It has a firm foothold in Dubai and is home to great opportunities to begin a career. The Academy has a full-sized indoor pitch and two outdoor pitches. These pitches hold some of the biggest competitions of the year. Your kid will have no issues in the academy and there will be absolutely no compromises made in their development in the academy.




While selecting a football academy, one only focuses on few things that include the size of the ground, education of coaches and their training style. Everything else is mandatory to accommodate in an academy and simply is for marketing purposes. It is safe to say that International football academy will fulfill all your expectations and make you a football champion for sure. I will state one fact and you will have zero doubts for admitting yourself or your child in it. International football academy coaches 70% more students than other academies. That means the preference scale of most people is off the charts. Other than that, the grounds are larger in size and the recurrent training program continues next year as well for a majority of the students.




The school is for all real Madrid fans out there. It is one of Dubai’s top quality football academies that are indulged in creating unlimited football champs in Dubai. The ground and location of it perfectly compile with their aim. It accompanies students between the ages of 4 to 17 in their journey to achieving a healthy lifestyle. The school has two branches. One of them is at Gems Founders School and the other one at etehad Private School. Around 6 successful sessions have been completed until now. It continues to grow stronger and popular. All coaches are certified with Professional football experience in Spain.




For all Arsenal fans out there, it is time to play under the leadership of Arsenals ex-midfielder, ‘Ian Selleys ‘. They use the strategy known as ‘the Arsenal way’ through which they build confidence, improve skills and teach techniques to nail a football match. For ten weeks, students are trying their best to ace all three courses they are taught. The age selection for arsenal soccer school is different. From the age of 4 to the age of 20, students are constantly playing against the opposing team to nourish their skills and learn as much as they can.




Dutch football academy is a little different than other academies. All of their techniques are based on a Dutch philosophy. The philosophy is known as “the Dutch way”. The school surely teaches kids the importance of winning a match, but they focus more on the growth. Every football matches open doors to new challenges which students have to overcome. Students are allowed to ask any questions as long as it is benefitting their football skills. You shouldn’t think for a second before getting your child an admission in this academy. All teachers are qualified and professionally trained for their job. Your kid will have no issues in a school like this.



These are the five main academies of football in Dubai. Football is not only a sport, but a way for personal growth and development. It is extremely necessary to get your child involved in sports. Your kid will not only be safe in any of these academies, but will have a guaranteed bright future.

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