World Art Dubai An Insight!

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  Walking down the streets of Dubai for me is like looking for inspiration in the smallest things around in the mighty city of luxury, thanks to my self-proclaimed loner tag. But these days, lanes of Dubai speak a different story, a story that is awaited to be told in the famous World Art Dubai Festival, 2017. Sounds like a typical festival but trust me the way the preparations are in progress, it’s in no way “typical”. For my friends, who are new to the term, let me throw my gathered definition of the festival; I am not great at creating a collaborative conclusion into effective one-liners but I’ll do my best, sure.

World Art Dubai: Let’s start with figures and facts first, there are around 3000 works of affordable art including, prints, paintings, photography and sculptures displayed at one single place for people who has an eye for original art. Basically the fair is a 4 day affair and this time it is scheduled to happen from April 12- April 15, 2017.

Who comes here and enlighten the beauty of the festival: That’s a good question. People who are cultural activities, from different art talks, conduct hands on workshops and strategize engaging educational sessions along with interactive outdoor art installations, are the ones who come here to get flattered. Just saying!

What more to expect from the festival: Since there will be around several international artists from around 5 continents, around 150 international galleries will be displayed at the humble abode of World Art Dubai. With one pure intention to display their exclusiveness in art, the place becomes a treat to the eyes of several onlookers. For people who wish to buy, let me highlight the possible cost of it, several paintings and prints, sculpture, photography, installations, new media, and mixed media will be available at a huge range of prices, starting from AED360 till AED73,500. Pretty huge huh! That’s the cost of hard work and original art.

What’ more’s more: Since the World Art Dubai is a festival, you guys can expect a series of seminars, live performances from several international artists and contemporary craft market will fill in the extra hours when you guys get overwhelmed with the humongous display of original art.
The normal ticket price for entering the festival is mere AED20 and you guys can also go through the website of the world art dubai festival. The festival is arranged at the famous Dubai World Trade Centre, so now you know where to go to celebrate original art with the creators itself.

My personal suggestion, even if you guys resist a heavy shopping, then also it would be a good call to attend the festival as everything you see there is fantastic and original. It is something that you must have not seen before. So save the dates and do visit the festival for at least one day. Also do remember to write to me your experiences. Stay put! Cheers~

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