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Monthly Archives: September 2019


Mobile Mobile apps are no longer easy things; it becomes a necessity. Tasks take hours to complete now make only a single click. Of course, you have to spend more on internet bundles than on petrol. The deal is right; you should buy it. If

Best Heritage Hotels in Dubai Fit For A Regal Stay !

There are a large number of experiences in store for all the visitors coming to Dubai, including some of the exceptional accommodation found across its heritage hotels. Sometimes it’s the story behind a place that gives us a sense of the world-class life. By staying

Top Ten supermarkets in Dubai For Your Daily Needs !

When the brief span resembles an eternity, the mindfulness ebbs away, that’s when I understood that I had graced my appearance in a supermarket and visited the Best supermarkets in Dubai. Moving the trolleys into the alleys add a lot to the overall exhaustion and

An Overview of Dubai fashion & Top Fashion brands in Dubai

  Dubai Fashion Is a Fusion of Cultures and different lifestyle. Fashion has new a new morning everyday in Dubai. Dubai, being an amalgamation ofmodernity and grass root tradition, you can find various blends of style in this charming city. Onthe one hand, you can

Dubai Fashion More than Just a Statement!

Dubai Fashion Scene  Dubai has been a controversially right place to enjoy the best of the best. The infrastructure isgreat, and the ambiance is sophistically soothing. The streets are majorlypacked with luxury cars, tigers and jaguars as pets, money is spent and the peoplewho are

Kites Beach Dubai What a feeling Habibi !

“I want to go – what’s that Glamourous and Gorgeous country? – Dubai” When I first read this the quote, Ibelieve,Dubai is a place that has earned a lot of fame in a short time. Maybe people appreciate a lot when they enjoy a classy

Life in Sharjah vs Dubai

Dubai has a lot to say, a lot to inspire,a lot to show, a lot to give and above all a lot of opportunities. My perception for the place has changed significantly since the time I stepped in here, as my loneliness directs me to