A magical Tour to Old Dubai/Old Dubai-The Heart and Soul of Dubai

Soul of DubaiDubai is not only a young and fast-developing upstart, but it’s also about the grand heritage, historically rich chronicles and the unbelievable charm. There is an added part to this city which is the heart and soul of Dubai; well I am addressing the Old Dubai. Now Old Dubai mainly comprises of, Deira and Bur Dubai which is separated by the old and historically significant Dubai creek. Old Dubai offers a glimpse of art, architecture, dining, and nightlife. Let’s celebrate older, the northern part of town by taking a closer look at the grandeur, fun, and amazement of “original Dubai.” Old Dubai ArchitectureDuring my visit to old Dubai, I was surprised to see that this city is still filled with abras, dhows, and spice souks. At the core of Old Dubai is “Dubai Creek” which is the source from which the entire city has developed outwards. It’s like the mother of Old Dubai and you’ll still find import and export of goods occurring at the creek. Another crucial architectural bliss of old Dubai is ‘The Trade Centre’ which is Dubai’s prominent business tower. The first iconic building built in Dubai; this 39 story tower was the tallest in the UAE in 1979. You can even visit the Dubai museum located in The Bastakiya area which is located inside the city’s oldest building: Al Fahidi Fort. Meanwhile, the house of Sheikh Saeed Bin Maktoum is one of the most prestigious houses of Old Dubai, because it was the ruler’s house, and is a place to unique architectural components.Old Dubai DiningA journey to Old Dubai is incomplete if you have not tasted the authentic and tantalizingly diverse cuisine of this place. For those who want to have a Michelin studded delicacy, there’s the new ‘Meliá Hotel’ in Bur Dubai and Signature by Sanjeev Kapoor. These two restaurants are the jewel in the crown of food platter of old Dubai and are delivering fantastic taste and aroma. In Bur Dubai and Satwa, you can even find the best Indian restaurants outside India. ‘Oud Metha’ and’ Aryaas’ are few of these restaurants serving you with authentic Indian taste. Old Dubai will never disappoint you if you are a fan of authentic Arabic cuisine, there’s the famous spellbinding ‘Khan Murjan’ restaurant awarded with the MENA gong at the year’s awards. Eventually, Old Dubai’s dining platter doesn’t just embrace the authentic flavors, but it’s a splendid reflection of Dubai’s rich diversity. Nightlife in Old DubaiThe city that never sleeps, evokes incredible joy, and also parties all night. Evening Stroll around Dubai’s backstreets, bars, and cosmopolitan dance floors are gleaming enough to make anyone fall for it. ‘Chi@The Lodge’ and ‘Rock Bottom Café’ are the best spots to dance onto live music whenever someone says a bottle. You can even have a sight of the richness of live music here by attending ‘The Music Room’ which was declared the winner of Best Live Music Venue at the 2012 Time Out Night Life Awards. It’s difficult to define what gives Old Dubai its unique buzz but whatever it is you’re going to love it.MarketplaceDubai Old Souk is a budget-friendly and frenetic Arabian marketplace where you can find numerous retail stores selling Arabian spices, footwear, refreshments, and cuisine. The habitually covered souk houses over here are fun, exciting, and unusual to see. You’ll have a lovely time over here walking and shopping different utility items at an affordable rate. Old Dubai AdventureThe creek in Old Dubai is the ideal location to ride an abra, and it only costs a dirham. I assure this ride will be the finest ride of your life. The sides of the creek consist of stations in Bur Dubai and Deira and join markets, parks, etc. The passage takes about ten minutes, and the sinuous river rejuvenates the soul.There are various websites which offer you a complete tour package of Old Dubai. Check out these websites.visitdubai.comfreetoursbyfoot.comThere is an excellent balance of legitimacy and rawness in old Dubai which should be given a try. In case you want to have an entertaining holiday imbibing into the path in history, shopping and enjoying the fantastic food then do visit Old Dubai.

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