An Adventurous Sand Boarding Experience In Dubai/ Best Sand boarding destinations In Dubai

Dubai has sand everywhere you see, a lot of it and offers it up to the adrenaline to make use! Sandboarding is the very first thing you would want to do when you visit Dubai! Unless there’s a storm coming in, it will be a nerve-wrenching experience. If you love the thrill of beautiful board sport, then lose your thermal fleece and woolly socks and get ready for sand boarding—arguably the most refreshing new way to have fun on a desert getaway. You can practice your sandboarding skill down dunes on boards and sleds made out of a slicker material that glides on and has taken this adventure sport to an entirely new level. We keep together a list of the top sand boarding hotspots, for exciting drops, unique views, and unforgettable memories. Pack up the family and friends and introduce yourself and your loved ones to this adventure sport.Rub’ al Khali DesertThis Desert is one of the best dunes in Dubai for sand boarding. And it ranges from 600 to 800 feet high. A short drive outside the city in the Rub’ al Khali Desert, makes it an ideal day trip for this adventure. While sandboarding boots, bindings, and the board will do the trick, many outfitters have actual sand boards, which are stiffer than normal snowboards and there are strap bindings that are easier to get in and out. Many outfitters also have sand board sleds if you want a simple trick, or you’re not sure about your sandboarding skills. After a little practice, you’ll learn how to maintain your balance while gliding down the majestic dunes and that will make your sandboarding experience even more memorable. Don’t forget to wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from the intense desert winds and blowing sands.4×4 Desert SafariDubai has been creating a sensation among the adventure lovers with various dunes located over here. You can enjoy the enthralling trip to the desert full of adrenaline pumping excitement by heading on over to slide down from high dunes. You can also get some cold refreshments to beat the desert heat over here. A hands-on instructor will always be there to guide you and train you on the dunes. Your professional guide will not only help you become a master sand boarding player but will also tell you about the region, its history, and locals. When the sand boarding adventure begins, you will be picked up from your lodging in the city in the 4×4. These comfortable, air-conditioned and well-equipped 4X4s are ideal for helping you tread on the loose sand easily. Once you enter the desert area, the astonishing dunes make it a highly photogenic and awe-inspiring sight. Package DetailsDubai 4×4 Sand boarding SafariPrice (Per Person): ` 4,189 Duration: 4 Hrs Liwa Dunes Liwa Dunes boast of having the most massive dunes, towering hundreds of meters above the surrounding plains. The Liwa Oasis is a sand skier’s paradise. Whether you’re just learning to sandboard or are extremely good at it, you can try your hand at this sport on rocky, sandy or just about any outdoor surface of its dunes. You need to strap on your sand board and slide down the seemingly endless red sand slopes for a fantastic experience. Depending on your interests and passion for this sport, you can make sand boarding as low-key or hard=core as you like. Choose small, gentle dunes if it’s your first-time sandboarding in the dunes or you can even pick up a massive slope if you’re looking for an immediate adrenaline rush.Al Faya DesertLocation: Sharjah/AL Maliha road (E55)Riding along the Sharjah-Kalba Road, the east-coast exclaves will take you to a spectacular desert of ruby sand: Al Faya Desert. Both amateurs and skilled sand boarders can select the level of this adventure sport as hard-core or low-key as you like. It’s an entirely different experience from the typical board games. You can also board a 4×4 Land Cruiser vehicle and enjoy a thrilling sandboarding experience. Sandboarding is an exciting skating over the dunes and is quite similar to snowboarding, but you do it on dunes rather than snow. You also have to strap on a specially designed sandboard, and you’re off.Sandboarding is one of those lesser-known adrenaline-pumping adventure sports that occur in the new hybrid of downhill descents and sandy terrain. The following places might seem uncommon for outdoor recreation but have gained extreme popularity in the sandboarding community for exciting drops and unique views. No trip to Dubai is complete without at least one new slide down and some thrilling dune rides. Take you to the new heights of the bigger dunes, furious and fast; once you find your feet, you’ll have dragged away.

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