Arabian Tea House-The Perfect Escapade

If you love nature and want to escape into the serenity of Al Fahidi, which other places can be better than the Arabian Tea House? Especially if it is a chilly winter afternoon and sunset is approaching. You want to rest your legs while enjoying the beauty of Mother Nature. Who doesn’t like turquoise benches and white wicker chairs all laid out for you to relax in a poised pearl merchant’s courtyard coupled with that strong aroma of tea? That’s what I loved about Arabian Tea House. You can not only dig into some healthy sandwiches and get lost in your thoughts among the chirping birds but also get to spend some moments with yourself away from the buzz of the city. Already an alluring picture, eh? It’s no surprise that the historical district of Al Fahidi can provide such a mesmerizing place to its tourists. If you have already visited all the alleys of Al Bastakiya, then the Arabian Tea House is the perfect place for giving you the most beautiful and relaxed ambiance. The café is very easily accessible by public transport. You need to get down at the Al Fahidi metro station and then walk towards the Al Fahidi roundabout. Now as Ibn Battuta said – ” Travelling – it leaves you speechless, and then turns you into a storyteller”, Arabian Tea House perfectly matches the description as it is not only going to leave you awe-struck with its beauty but like me, you are going to take back plenty of good memories to share with your loved ones. I bet that when you would see this place from outside you must be thinking how cheesy I had been in my blog but the moment you step inside you would be wondering why I didn’t praise it more. This café is the perfect example of the proverb – “A book should never be judged by its cover.” Dull and empty from outside, Arabian Tea House is a real jewel from inside. I feel in love with the place as soon as I got that smell of strong black tea (though the wind catchers outside are eye-catching too) and that sweet ear-catching background Arabian music. The décor of this place speaks of its serenity. A massive wall like a fortress bounds the entire café and this would again from outside look boring and dull, but from the inside, it is quite the opposite. As I went along the walkway to the teahouse, the place was very much understated and did not even give the slightest idea of what a beauty I was going to encounter inside. I suddenly got a sweet aroma of Arabic Oud at the entrance. The hospitality was remarkable. There was also a board that seemed quite an excellent idea to me which read “Welcome to our old house and secret garden.” “Secret garden”- Doesn’t the name itself sends a feeling down your spine that you are about to unwrap the most precious treasures of the world? It certainly did to me — some pictures of graceful Old Dubai decorated in The Entrance. The pots of climbers were an additional token of beauty to the already beautiful atmosphere of the café. I love papery bougainvillea, and this place had the blush colored ones surrounding some potted plants. If you love classic things, then there is a spot for you too which had a table decorated with all antique items including gramophones. White canopies can be seen covering the tables, and that was a personal favorite of mine. The color white in addition to the turquoise benches brought about a feeling of relaxation. Now coming to the food, I don’t know where I should start. The strong Karak tea of this place needs mentioning before I state anything else. The tea served in the famous Arabian tulip-shaped glasses. I even loved the Moroccan iced tea with mint. If you are looking for refreshment, then this is it. The place has three types of traditional tea namely the Arabian Night Tea, Dubai Tea, and Karak Tea. Then comes the Exotic Chicken Salad. This dish is priced at 52 AED and is worth the price. The grilled chicken that marinated in barbeque sauce served with lettuce, cabbage, mushroom, cucumber, avocado and topped with fried bread. The café is a real treasure, and another thing that I like about the place is that you will never find people hurrying for something. It is also an excellent place to start your day as they have varied options for breakfast in the form of breakfast trays. If you are out with your loved one for a casual talk or to spend some moments away from your busy life, then this café is the perfect location. I didn’t realize how I had already spent so much time in this place although it felt like only minutes. I decided to end the day at this mesmerizing place with the Dubai Tea, and it was equally charming with cardamom and rose petals. As sunset approached, I walked back through the lanes of Al Fahidi, but I knew in my heart that I am going to come back to this place once again for sure.

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