Mobile Mobile apps are no longer easy things; it becomes a necessity. Tasks take hours to complete now make only a single click. Of course, you have to spend more on internet bundles than on petrol. The deal is right; you should buy it. If you are a national of Dubai, you might be aware of all the apps that make your life easier in Dubai because you may not have a clue. Either way, your guide for Dubai’s favorite mobile apps is here.


Visit Dubai app is for everyone. This article and guidance will help you a lot on your trip to Dubai, but visit Dubai will be a safety deposit. Now, what does visit Dubai do? It encapsulates all the information that requires for your stay in Dubai. The data is structured correctly. I have tried the app, and it may only be my opinion, but the app should reward with ‘the best tourism app’ of the year. Most people say they have login issues, but I didn’t come across any such obstacle.


This app is for all food lovers. On a single click, food gets delivered from all around the Dubai city. All popular outlets including Mc Donald, Pizza Hut, are available on the Food on Click app. At any time of the day you can make a list of food items you are craving. Even your 3 am cravings will disappear onThe app. Several categories of food are available for you on the app depending on your mood and preference.


Dubai smart government launched Dubai now. The app is convenient. The app provides easy access to government services. There are three login methods and near about eleven different functions in this app. The app is free with almost twenty-two entities. You can pay any bill at any time from anywhere. The app saves me from getting out of my bed to lose cash. Dubai makes everything very easy. All the officials of Dubai deserve a salute.


There is no doubt that Dubai Mall is exclusive and has everything that an average person requires. However, one thing that is off about the mall is the size of it. Dubai Mall is huge, and I may not be a child, but forgetting your way in there happens as quickly as girls lose bobby pins. Therefore, Dubai presents to you The Dubai Mall app through which you can receive a 3D map of the whole Dubai mall. Besides that, all the information regarding the shops and sales are available on the app. the map even shows you the spot you parked your car. The app has saved my life and time.


MPay is another similar app also launched by Dubai smart government. By using the app, you can pay all your bills. Etisalat and Du prepaid are also available in the app. Which means no need to stand in line. All my Dubai friends out there are enjoying the services MPay provide. The best part of the app is you can schedules all your payments easily by making your life hassle-free. You can download this app to save your life. The service is active and reliable. If you have any issue, they immediately respond and resolve all your problems. I need a life app similar to MPay.

6) MJOB:

You have guessed it right. MJob is another release by Dubai Smart Government that has a collection of opportunities ready for you to avail. The app is beneficial in terms of providing updates for job vacancies. In case you are jobless, or you hate your job, you can install employment and apply to the one that suits you best. However, it only has government-related job updates. Mobs entirely avoid other professions. It makes sense since the Dubai Smart Government has created it.


All of the apps I just mentioned are extremely helpful for tourists. The minute you enter Dubai, you introduce to facilities you would find in my other cities, but none of them will provide the kind of service Dubai delivers. These mobile applications make life much more comfortable. It has made my life easier. I am not sure about your life so don’t forget to acknowledge me about it.

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