Best Transportation Medium In Dubai That Keep You Moving

Dubai is the Lala-land for tourism. What makes it a fabulous tourist attractive place, apart from its epic skyscrapers and luxurious culture is its rich mode of transportation. Dubai is interlinked with all other significant countries through roadways or railways. In Dubai, travelers will find an infinite number of ways to wander around the unknown lanes and explore the beauty of the city. Dubai is a land of diversity, even when it comes to transportation. One can travel on buses, metros, cabs or even in helicopters. Yes, even helicopters. Let’s discuss each mode of transportation in details-

Dubai Taxi

Want to roam around the streets of Dubai in the most pocket-friendly way. Dubai taxies are the answer to the solutions. Even though the average fare for Dubai Taxi is AED 12, which is a bit higher than other stares of Emirates, yet it is the most cost-effective way to explore heaven in Dubai. Infinite numbers of taxies are available outside the Dubai airport to kick-start your dream tour to Dubai. Finding a cab in Dubai can never be a problem, however, if such scenario arises, you can give a call to 800 9090 (Dubai Taxi Booking), and the cab driver will pick you up from your desired location.

Dubai Metro

The city of Dubai is extensively linked with Metro rails. Dubai Metro is the only driver-less rail system in the whole world. Currently running on two lines, the green, and the red, transportation through metro is a common sight in Dubai. There are three ways of buying tickets for traveling in a metro in Dubai. Either you can purchase a ticket each time you travel, or you can buy a onetime public transport ticket, or you can also buy metro tickets in the form of a Nol card. A Nol card is a sort of credit card which holders the balance for traveling in a metro. Metros are a way cheaper form of transportation than cabs in Dubai. The fares of metro vary from the range of AED TO AED 7.5, depending upon the distance traveled.


Apart from Metros, buses can also be a cheaper way of transportation in Dubai, primarily through the areas where metro accessibility is not present. What’s more interesting is that a bus ride is eventually more budget-friendly ride than metro or a cab. However, it is more time consuming, but who cares about the time when you can watch the fabulous creations of architecture all your way. The same NOL card of Metro can be used to avail the smooth riding services of buses. However, one suggestion: be extra cautious if traveling in a bus from 7-9 AM and 5-8 PM as they will be over-crowded due to Office hours.

Dubai Tram

By using the same NOL card that is being used in Metro or buses, you can enjoy the marvelous ride of the newly launched Tram system in Dubai. The journey is enjoyable, fun loving and also has a touch of aesthetic feel to it.


Oops- Sounds like a mode of transport for billionaires. Nope, it isn’t. The luxurious ride of the helicopter, a once in a lifetime experience, can be available to you at a price ranging from AED 500 to 1000. So, enjoy the sheer of royal and elite luxury and book a one-way helicopter ride from companies located at Palm Jumeirah, with price starting from AED 500.Transportation can never be a problem in Dubai. Your travel diary can be filled with thrills of experience of trams, metros, cans, buses to helicopters. This desert land is truly the land for best communication.

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