Citywalk Dubai: The Extravaganza of Colors

Being in Dubai does not only mean toexperience a desert safari or watching the majestic creation, BurjKhalifa. Dubai is also a destination for fashion and party. For all the shopaholics, Dubai is a paradise, because the Citywalk in Dubai has all the high-end fashion brand stores to serve the interest of the tourists as well to provide convenience for residents. Citywalkhappens to be a favorite destination for kids, adolescents, and adults.Recently, an initiative was taken for making Citywalk a successful eye candy for everyone and been proven to quite successful.It does providea taste of the ultimate lifestyle.If you are in Dubai, In the search for some free time to enjoy, Citywalk is the place to have fun. After nothing is left to wander, Citywalk is the place to be. This place has all the innovative retail mix and even many upscale retail outlets. If you want to see the whole city coming together at a site, then the place to be is none other than Citywalk. This place is even ideal for any person who wants to go easy on their pockets.Citywalk is loaded with a lot of pocket-friendly cafes, and taste of the ultimate gourmet restaurants that would freely offer the authentic taste of Dubai.Citywalk in Dubai has a lot of mid-range and high-end restaurants for them too.In respect to the shopping stores,Citywalk is heaven to visit. Being indoors is never a choice in Dubai neither on holiday nor even if you are a permanent resident. While strolling through the brightly lit streets, grabbing a cup of coffee from a small coffee shop or having the view of the BurjKhalifa in motion is a magical feeling! So, you can also be at this place and experience the magic. Furthermore, this place is ideal for any business meetings and corporate meetings. Apart, you can also grab a drink or two with your friends in a pub with chilling musical sensations. The architectural pattern of the place is quite different from the rest of the city. More appropriately, It is the amalgamation of the modern and old culture that is persistent in Dubai.All the famous attractions of Dubai surround this exquisite location and are available at a snappy distance. Moreover, this is the place to experience downtown or old Dubai. All the bling of the world is brought forth to the people in a single mall like a palette of colors, a rainbow,etc.. The place is a place to experience shopping extravaganza and premier dining. It never fails to inspire and entertains visitors with the best of culinary concepts one can have in Dubai. If you ever be in Dubai, a trip to this extraordinary and out of the world food and shopping district at night is a must.While the rides of the theme-park involve you with thrills and excitement at Day time, make your Night be chilled up with the most extravagant shopping experience followed by royal dining. Also, unlike the Theme Park, there is no need to purchase a ticket for Citywalkvisitors. Entry is free here to everyone and doesn’t restrict to purchase of the product; are allowed to enjoy your moment.In fact, there is a lot of things to look alongside, many world-famous food brands and clothing brands that are unitingat this fantastic venue. The Citywalk now have an entirely new look in the offing. There are some funky and Unusual such as Gucci, Mont Blanc, Lacoste, Prada, Guess, and many others. Apart, The restaurant decorated in a local culture-themed environ is expected to be one of the biggest highlights among the new additions. Furthermore, then there are other authentic cuisines of different countries that needed to be tried as soon as possible.During the special occasions such as New Year celebrations or any other international event, this particular place has the most happening party options in Dubai. Packed with live entertainments, signature drinks, and great food concepts. Apart, endless shopping options work as an icing on the cake.Come, see Dubai and feel Dubai like never before, take back memories that will stay with you forever.

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