Dubai-A Paradise for the rich

“My soul burns with the heat here, but feels liberated with every sculpture I watch and every luxury I consume here.”- Bazil. What’s a man like me, doing in a place like Dubai. By this I mean, me, being a hippie, the very nature of me speaks absconding, and I appear to have broken that since the time I came in Dubai. The place has given me solace, peace, and motivation which I was trying to find by switching millions of locations. So why I think, so, let me draft a brief as to why I would suggest that Dubai is indeed a paradise. Keep reading.A multicultural society: The best part of Dubai is that it has rules, which applies to everyone and unlike many other cities, people here follow them. If you browse the history of crime in Dubai, the list is tiny which is commendable. The place is a diverse and multicultural city; people here come from all walks of life and celebrate luxury in the version of Dubai. There are all sorts of hotels, be it five stars or 7 stars built with a signature style and the place has eventually become one of the favorite hotspots of celebrities and prominent businesspeople. The Economy: Every city is known for its economic value, and Dubai is more accomplished in that as compared to the other cities of the world. Being a finance fanatic, I dug in more in-depth and found out that in 2000, Dubai’s Gross Domestic Product was US$16.4 billion, that’s pretty awesome you know. I assume that Dubai can leave a handful of high-end cities back in the coming years because the people of Dubai are earnest about their growth. Staying here, for a few months now, I have figured one thing straight, that Dubai values innovation and has brought the best possible use of technology as compared to the other cities of the world. The human-made beaches and ultra buildings: The most significant part of Dubai is the fact that the government here has prepared human-made beaches which no one thought was possible earlier. More, the buildings here are iconic as everyone knows. Burj Khalifa is the world’s tallest building now and also stands as a pride of Dubai. Jumeirah Palm Hotel, Oberoi Hotel, Armani Hotel and many others in line are few of the premium luxury hotels of Dubai. Though the rates are high compared to the kind of luxury they provide is incredible. I went to browse these hotels myself, and God has his hand on the architecture and the interior designers of these hotels. Dubai’s knack for original stuff: Dubai people are obsessed with original things. They launch unique festivals or events where they give a chance to every artist or owner from any country of the world to showcase their craft. Global Village is one place to visit, and World Art is also a festival to mark your presence. Do consider them and whenever you visit Dubai, remember to buzz me. Cheers~

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