I am not going to lie. I have had some bone-chilling speed boat experiences in the past. An average person will enjoy any speed boat. However, a person with a thirst for speed will crave for the best ride. As factual as it is for me to be the one with desire, I was seeking the experience of a lifetime. After traveling from place to place, riding large boats, I finally got introduced to Dubai’s Xclusive speed boat. If you are thinking to yourself as to what I am talking about then my friend, you are missing out on a lot in life. Get yourself an atlas and head to Dubai as soon as possible. Dubai’s Xclusive Yacht is the sole 5 star Charter Company in the whole City. These guys offer the best services. No, I am not saying that in terms of promotion. I mean it as I have had the privilege to taste their extravagance. While my time in Dubai was going flawless, I thought of making it even more amazing. One afternoon, I booked a 90-minute ride for myself. Now, when you take pleasure in something, no amount of time is enough. As soon as I wore the life jacket and stepped into the boat, I knew I was opening doors to an adventurous renaissance. I must say the captain was pretty talkative. He politely welcomed me to the ship and told me to get ready for a fantastic experience. As soon as the ride began, I felt myself talking to the wind. While exploring the sea real carefully, I grasped the waves on a trip with me. I almost got windswept due to the speed of the boat. However, I didn’t ask him to reduce the rate. The experience was flawless only due to every detail of the whole ride. From the speed to the weather, I cannot emphasize how much I felt joyous. I loved the service of Dubai’s exclusive yacht. The team was, and the guy who was driving me around knew a lot about the history of the landmarks of Dubai. While having fun, the driver told me so much about the places that I never knew before. He kept sprinkling essence of the knowledge of the areas around us upon me. Don’t even get me started on the view. As an explorer, there aren’t many things that fascinate me, but the palm of Dubai made my eyes widen and jaw drop. The breathtaking view made a perfect combo with the weather. The sky was clear and beautiful, cold air breezing against my face made the whole trip memorable. I was dazed to be apprised of the beauties of Dubai. These beauties included Dubai’s most adventurous island Jumeirah where families were being entertained in the most luxurious Jumeirah beach hotel with such unique hospitality. As we rode more, we came across Dubai’s first hotel to be made on the island, ‘Atlantis’ that has the construction of a famous myth. The time flew faster than the birds fly when they are attacked. As I was lost admiring the natural islands and humanmade architects on them, I felt myself approaching something of the shape of a ship placed perfectly in front of me. Yes, you have guessed it right, ‘Burj Al Arab.’ My view couldn’t have been any better if Wright’s artistry didn’t exist. Of course, what is a palm without Burj Al Arab? After that, appeared in front of me the view of Dubai’s largest amusement park, ‘Lagoon.’ It was soothing to see kids and adults enjoying their miserable lives without feeling much miserable. As I was cherishing the great moments I was living, I was, also, lost in capturing Dubai’s allures from a different angle. As a photographer, I not only seek opportunities to capture unique moments; I also like to include myself in those clicks. The 90-minute boat ride was coming to an end when I saw a fantastic artificial canal city, Dubai Marina. The site seeing was from a different perspective. It couldn’t have been any better. At the time when I went, the whole coastline looked like a painting. It was better than the places they Photoshop in movies. The entire excursion was safe due to the boat team that made sure I don’t fall off and lose my life. I can say my money didn’t go to waste. I had a blast on the boat.It is a light-hearted feeling that I am getting after sharing it all with you. I hope you can agree with me if you have enjoyed the speed boat and if not, I hope you had a good virtual experience. Have a good day.

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