Famous Instagram Travel bloggers

Technology rules the world. All social media addicts can agree on the fact that we cannot live without apps like Instagram and Facebook. They are our link to the world around us; many bloggers use social media to share their experiences with their fans. Being a travel blogger, it wouldn’t be shocking that, I admire and follow other travel enthusiasts. Frankly, what would be a better way to know about their expeditions then using social media. Let’s talk about a few awe-inspiring, and amazing Instagram travel bloggers.

These Instagram travel enthusiasts are very passionate about their journey, from making great eye candy and traveling with class and style. It is advisable to look the world through their window. These people are your guides from the best hotels to stay in, the best places to visit and to get the perfect shots for your Facebook or Instagram.

Globetrotting Ginger Traveling (globetrotting_gingertravel)

This red-haired girl profile is terrific; falling me in deep love with her Instagram. This ginger wanderer sure knows how to put herself into the shot and how to make an average image into an amazing one. She is one of the best travel bloggers on Instagram. She takes her followers on trips through the magnificent National Parks of the United States of America.


This Instagram profile is owned by the Jack Morris who currently lives in Bali. His feed is filled with excellent photos from around the globe. He spends most of his time traveling around the world with his partner. The photos shared by @doyoutravel is the definitions of relationship goals. One of the best Instagram travel blogging couples.

Travel Dave UK (@traveldaveuk)

Travel Dave UK won a huge competition on an old social network known as Bebo; this changed his life and helped to steer his career in an amazing direction. His Instagram photos can make anyone a complete fan of him.


Lack is an alum at many of the top lifestyle companies like Martha Stewart. Her Instagram is decorated with pictures with puns of her last journeys. When you are wayfaring to California, open up her Instagram account for many hidden jewels, she is currently based in San Francisco and knows the best in the West.

Matthias Derhake (@matthias_traveltelling )

Another fantastic and famous account of Instagram travel bloggers. This fellow is an advocate of really slow travel, and that makes his Instagram much more enjoyable.

TripHackr (@triphackr)

What makes a great photographer exceptional is his skill to take a photograph of a moment. TripHackr snaps are capable of looking fresh with a new perspective, Yet it has already been snapped several times. I think Clint Johnston demonstrates himself many times, with his fresh photos of New York from the air are just an additional example of his insane talent

The Planet D (@theplanetd)

Deb and Deb from The Planet D are perhaps the most famous travel bloggers in the world. Not only are they tremendously gifted writers, but their travel camerawork is also one of the best. Every picture expresses definition and colors, and no one can help themselves resisting to check in on their account. They are a real inspiration to me and thousands of others.

Hippie in Heels (@Hippie_InHeels )

Rachel owns this Instagram handle; She is well known for being a luxurious travel Instagram blogger with a unique style. She has also expressed the exquisiteness of India, which gives her a spot on this list. From modeling high up in the tea farms of Monnar to reconnoitering the remote north, this is one amazing girl who knows how to sell a destination period!

Bloggeries (@bloggeries )

The Instagram travel blogger Rob shares his accounts as an outgoing gent on his blog saying, Stop Having a boring life and live life to the fullest. When not wandering in the world, he resides in Little Corn Island, Nicaragua. Do not let the secret out on this Caribbean jewel but do follow Rob as he shares his beautiful stories.


Gigi Hopkins’ feed is free city director to the places you would want to go to. She left her corporate job long ago to live the life of fullest, Wandering on the road and sharing her finds to loyal audiences. She visited various places including, the Orpheus Island in Australia and the Catskills in Upstate New York. You can depend on her to guide for all of the fieriest spots and hidden jewels, particularly when she’s talking about her hometown Melbourne.

Garrett King (@shortstache )

This Instagram blogger arrests the spectacular natural beauty of Colorado with the nous of reverence and wonder, making everything from basins to peaks look mythical. From finding a great place to camping and hiking spots, his handle is filled with various adventures that inspire further trips off the grid.

Agia Sidi (@agiasidi )

Agia’s Instagram feed guides to Melbourne, Australia. The native takes trough some of the most appealingly lovely restaurants, boutiques and coffee shops in town. His excellent taste comes across in his compositions.This list helps you find the best Instagram travel blogger to follow and will inspire to get out of the house and travel.

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