Purchasing a Sim card in Dubai is not as complicated as it may seem. It is easy, and you can get it right where you land, Yes! You can get one at the Airport. Questions are probably rushing trough mind regarding the Sim card and how to get it. To know every aspect and to avoid inconvenience let’s get to the article.

Let’s talk about prerequisite first, your passport and your visa page for identification. Each passport has only a single sim allowed. Furthermore, two companies offer Sim-cards to tourists for 90 days with no renewal policy. These companies are named as Etisalat and Du. Both companies have their pavilions in the arrivals section of Airport and keep ready to use Sim on demand. Both brands have their pros and con, i.e., Du is cheaper than Etisalat while Etisalat charges you by the minute which is a bit pricy than Du. In terms of network coverage, Etisalat is far better than Du. There is a third operational company that offers sim in Dubai that is Amex. However, due to the considerable commission and their week coverage, the Amex is avoided by most retailers.

Du is priced around 100 AED and yes it is more than you expected, but the deals they offer are worth it. Du offers nano sims, and Etisalat maybe. But, you can always carry one Sim cutter all the time as it doesn’t barred by security. It would only cost $5. To be honest, Dubai’s ambiguities are sometimes frustrating. You have no idea how glad you should be for VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) to be active in UAE now. VOIP is a service that Dubai provides through which you can call anywhere in the world at half price, After following this procedure, purchase the card; you’ll get a code, Dial 800505, select your language and then enter your code. After that, you can call at any number and get 50% off.

In case you are an iPhone user, Etisalat has the most reasonable prepaid plans. You can add more data to the card you receive. However, that is valid for 30 days only. If you have a voucher of 100 Dirham that permits 1GB online minutes and 20 Dirham for calls, then you can use that for 30 days, too. Every instruction regarding the sim and its packages is written on the receipt. If you still feel like you have any more questions, you can always ask the sales guy that works there.

If you missed purchasing a sim card from the airport, then you can purchase from any supermarket. They are even available at different grocery stores in Bur Dubai, Deir Karama, and Satwa. Moreover, They are also available at Telecom stores. Dubai has made it available everywhere for you to experience. Give it a try.

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