Jebel Ali Resort Dubai

Jebel Ali Resort Dubai“There are resorts, hotels and then there is Dubai, the place where luxury has devotees”- Bazil Patel. One thing for sure, I am in love with Dubai, it’s my girlfriend now, and I am in a committed relationship, no questions asked, no explanations given. Since the time I came to Dubai, my main motto was to explore its street life and the true colors of it, but Dubai startled me, came out to be perfect, pure perfection. It just took away my pain, my loneliness and above all made me complete. Enough crying and blah-blah, let’s talk about my latest hotel experience — the Jebel Ali Resort.

Jebel Ali Resort: It is a stupendous and luxury resort.Jebel Ali Resort is an award-winning destination. The beach resort destination is just 15 minutes from the exclusive Dubai Marina and features an 800-meter palm-lined the private beach. Moreover, There is a temperature controlled swimming pool surrounded by lush green gardens; in fact, the whole resort is surrounded by them, making it comfortable for summers. The resort offers an incredible range of services and facilities in synergy, leaving the Jebel Ali Resort feels like will crushing dreams or bleeding to deaths for me.

Spa facilities including room spa services can make you say goodbye to stress Apart; resort features Horse riding stables, the golf course for people who wish to entertain themselves during their peaceful stay in the resort. I just walked past the field since none is my forte. There were also many beach venues in the resort making the place even more enjoyable.

Many celebrities book their private beach residential rooms, private gardens, and spa services to enjoy the stay. While I was there, praisingthe beauty of the place, I did see a few renowned faces making an entrance at the prestigious resort. The place is quite UH-Mazing, and a must stay ifHowever, it can burn a hole in your pocket, but it is worth it.

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