Magnificence Of The Jumeirah Beach

The sky outside was intensifying the pitch-black curtain draped over it as I stepped towards The Jumeirah Beach. I could feel the haze of black cloud that was spread thinly above and, the gaze of the soft, warm sand and turquoise blue water left me spellbound. The nighttime downtown was lit by the sparkling lights of the clubs and bars, shining on the rain-kissed sidewalks. The best feeling ever was when I walked down the beach at night because you can be anybody and no-one cares who you are.I got down on the beach and tried to listen to the waves. The sound of the ocean and the breeze gave me the joy of ecstasy. Set in a beautiful area at the marina I was in a visual wonderland over here. Every way I looked, the water, the boulders, merged to create a harmonious alliance. I was at the corner of a visual symphony that changed color and forms every minute. All around it was supremely peaceful and serene. There was just the sound of the lapping water and a perfect setting for the company. It is the time when the mind goes silent on its own and nature takes over. How To ReachThe nearest metro station to JBR is Jumeirah Lakes Towers of Dubai Metro. You can reach JBR from the metro station on foot, and the traveling distance is 14 minutes. You can take a taxi which will drop you at JBR in 12 minutes approaching the apartments via Al Sufouh Road covering 5.7 km.There’s everything for everyoneJBR is a waterfront community in Dubai and has become a place where you can enter the orchestra of nature. The symphony is in its outrageous sultry water that seems to dance onto its tune. If you have kids, they will have fun to enjoy the chore. There are various play booth for them on the beach and a giant bouncy castle and climbing wall in the sea. There is also an activity and fun zone daycare center for those of you that need this service. Luckily, I was all alone, so the sea was my only companion. While I was enjoying the scintillating setting of JBR my smartphone’s battery became dead, and I thought I won’t be able to click pictures now. No memories! But soon as I stepped a bit towards the downtown, I saw few photo booths, and I cried with joy. Now I could capture my special day, and the photo would have emailed to you. My excitement level got up to a notch to find that the shops over here run even at night.Once I was done with the beach activities, I got to know that this place has both an outdoor and an indoor cinema. But since the moon tiptoes into the symphony, there was no chance of either of the cinema halls to be open. So I decided to hop onto the JBR promenade for a walk and had coffee at one of the fabulous cafes. JBR has become an excellent destination for a beach day out where visitors reel into the unfolding scenes. Spice up your day with fantastic foodThere are plenty of hotels, souvenir stalls, and restaurants across the beach where you can enjoy heavenly delicacies. Just as I moved a bit forward, I saw a mall in between the beach-facing eateries of Jumeirah Beach Residence and the shoreline. My visit to The Beach landed me to an impressively landscaped beachfront and sensitively built dining and a shopping district that makes this place even more enjoyable to hang out. There are many restaurants over here like The Diner that allows the diners to create their meal, Sushi Art where Michelin star-awarded chef has created its menu, The Steak Bar serving everything starting from steak and eggs to its signature TSB black label burger and many more. The famous Al Fresco dining restaurant is also known as “The Walk at JBR.” I took a seat at The House of Curry where outdoor tables overlooking the beach lured my eyes and compelled me to visit this cafĂ©. I ordered tandoori crab and mussel curry over here, and while I tasted the food, I was in a different world. I had never tried such amazing flavors earlier. I wanted to kiss the hand of the chef, but I thought this would seem a bit dramatic so I moved forward.Finally, the lapping waves caught the hues of the rising sun, and I realized it was the time to say goodbye to The Jumeirah Beach. This place is a wish fulfilled that you never wished. I looked up to the sky to say thanks. But wait for the journey doesn’t end over here there are many real surprises still waiting for you all. In the heart of a swirling multitude of memories, this place will always be my first love.

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