Bollywood Park – Dubai

The Bollywood Park in Dubai is a themed park to satisfy all your Bollywood cravings. It is for those lovers of Mumbai and of the magnificent Bollywood who either stays away from home or are ardent Bollywood lovers who haven’t been to Mumbai or else for those who cannot remain from Bollywood for long. In short, the Bollywood themed park in Dubai is one of a kind place that is sure to give you once in a lifetime experience with all its splendor and vibrancy of Bollywood and Mumbai.

From my visit, I learned that The Bollywood themed park is the biggest leisure theme park of the Middle East which is situated on the Sheik Zayed road in the United Arab Emirates. The park is spread over a generous area of twenty-five million square feet!!!!

It has more than one hundred and fifty joy rides and entertainment attractions which is sure to take your breath away. My experience there has been beyond mere words as I have experienced the time of my life in between all those outstanding facilities and people.

The Bollywood themed park in Dubai has three separate themed parks in it namely- the “Bollywood parks Dubai”, “mitigate Dubai,” and “Legoland Dubai.” It also has a water park known as “ Legal and water park Dubai.” I can say from my experience that the water park is beautiful with its brilliantly maintained clean water that doesn’t cause any problems to your sensitive skin. Along with that more than enough guides and helpers are always present to cater to your every need. The Legoland water park covers Riverland Dubai, which is also a theme park as well as the Polynesian family resort in the United Arab Emirates.

It was the year 2014 when the company tied up with Dream works entertainment for this project of bringing the pleasures of Bollywood to Dubai for public enjoyment and pleasure. I had heard that it was the year 2016 when the Dubai Bollywood themed park released their theme song in association with the academy award winner, Alan Menken – “All the wonders of the universe.”

The legal and official opening of the Bollywood themed park in Dubai was organized on 18th December 2016 and not only that, the inauguration was broadcasted worldwide.

Adventure, comedy, music, action, romance, flavor, emotions, dance, anything and everything here is of Bollywood style!!!

The entire theme of the park is the process of rejoicingMumbai’s world famous film industry in five zones inspired by Bollywood’s unique sets, movies, ideas, songs, and characters.

I have enjoyed flamboyant live rides, entertaining locales, stage performance, cinematic performances. I had an experience unlike any other. My entire trip had been one of a kind because of all my experience in the Bollywood themed park. With its beautiful locales, exceptionally well-organized system regarding all the aspects of the park, the wonderfully run organization by the competent authority… everything has been fantastic.

I could successfully learn and live the colorful history of the enigmatic film industry of Bollywood and Mumbai. My experience has been fantastic for all the things, and places that I saw were wonderfully built, decorated and maintained.

There are sixteen kinds of rides and attractions along with five zones to keep everyone entertained. There are many high dining areas along with beautiful gift shops for you to bring some great surprises for your family and loved ones.

There is a range of vibrant café and live entertainment for everyone to enjoy.

I strolled the streets of Mumbai in the Bollywood themed park of Dubai with no tension in the world, enjoying the super tasty Street food, shopping and also gave chase to the famous Bollywood Don through the streets of the Bollywood themed park.

The flavor of rustic Mumbai vibrantly comes out through all the picturesque locations and never-ending fun. I have experienced visual pleasure like never before in the region of Broadway-style Bollywood musical festival and the Rajmahal theatre.

Thus all in all the entire experience of the Bollywood themed park for me has been outstanding with all its mind-blowing facilities. So for everyone visiting the United Arab Emirates, this Bollywood themed park in Dubai is a must place to visit.

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