Ghantoot Marina And Resort

Ghantoot Marina and resort is the destination of your dreams. If you desire to be in a place alone from all the noise, pollution, disturbance and problems, visit Ghantoot Marina and resort where no worry can touch you. The Ghantoot Marina and resorts is situated in a pristine natural environment What makes the Ghantoot Marina and resorts unique is the staff factor. Their outstanding efficiency, quality of work and their lovely behavior sets others apart. Catering your every need, staffs are always ready to solve your problems. The place is beyond beautiful. The Serene atmosphere along with sparkling clean water makes sure; you feel relaxed and comfortable. The entire is spotless and well maintained. The atmosphere, the staff, and the food, everything is curated for the best experiences.Cocooned within the beautiful natural environment,

the Ghantoot Marina and resorts is a place that invokes the inner peace and comfort that you have been long looking. In my opinion, it provides with a life-changing experience. Spending time in such a relaxed unleashed my zeal and prepared me the future.Ghantoot Marina and resorts is effortless to reach. It takes only forty minutes to drive from Abu Dhabi and twenty minutes drive from Dubai. The Ghantoot Marina and resorts have three hundred berth marina that can accommodate vessels uptown fifty-five meters. Members have access to the golden tulip, Al Jazeera hotel, and resorts. The Ghantoot Marina and resorts is facilitated with spacious parking facilities and excellent fueling services. There is round the clock crew support and ice supply. Along with the facility of on-site maintenance operator, it also provides emergency towing, jump-starting and assistance with maneuvering. Moreover, electricity, water, and power supply are also taken care of. The Ghantoot Marina and resorts provide its visitors with beautiful wooden chalets for rent. These chalets were exceptionally well furnished, maintained and located. All of them are fully air-conditioned, with Television, well-equipped kitchen, DVD player, stove, cutlery, barbeque area, etc. They can be reached in twenty minutes from Abu Dhabi. There is also a private closed water canal for various water sports and expert arrangements for water ski, jet ski, and waterboards. Moreover, Parking is straightforward, without issues. Parking staffs are exceptionally well behaved and efficient. My entire vacation was super fun and comfortable with all these facilities available. It is an indisputable fact that any stay at the Ghantoot Marina and resorts will be awesome for sure.

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