Dubai is famous for its historical landmarks and cultural heritage. Even the architecture, here, is thousands of years old. However, there is so much to discover in Dubai that if you are not planning on getting its residency, then you only have one shot at exploring all the allures of Dubai. It is safe to have a checklist in case you get distracted and lose the opportunity of experiencing all of Dubai’s treasures. So for you, I have gathered a list of all the historical places that you must visit while you are staying here. I am pretty sure you will thank me later.


Burj Al Arab is categorized as Dubai’s luxurious hotel in the whole world in Forbes. Besides that, it is known as one of the top three tallest hotels in the world. The services they provide will spoil you. If you rent a room in Burj Al Arab, the minute you land at the Airport, you’re picked up in Rolls Royce. However, that only happens if you don’t decide to land on Burj’s rooftop in a helicopter. The hotel is constructed on a human-made island with a unique design similar to that of a ship.


Heritage Village was built to promote Emirates Traditions and Heritage. It is known as traditional tourists stop. It, also, encourages artisans, potters, and weavers to present their art and get the fame they deserve. I would recommend you to visit the village when it is alive and lit. That happens during the tourist season when events like Flag Day, UAE National Day and Dubai Shopping Festival are celebrated.


Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization encompasses significant and unique Islamic artifacts. You can take a trip down to the advent of Islamic civilization and the time when it started progressing. There are numerous aspects of a perfect religion Islam that you can learn about through your visit. You can cherish the culture and civilization of Islam. The museum has around seven galleries displaying ornaments from different events and different eras of rulers. There are several Islamic coins exhibited in various galleries. Besides that, there is an exhibition of Sitara, astrolabes, lynx censer, a table from the 14th century and much more for you to discover.


Burj Khalifa has broken the seven world records that include the record for being the tallest building in the whole world with the highest number of floors occupied. Other documents include the tallest freestanding structure, most upper observation deck, and the highest number of stories heard. The elevator covers the highest distance in the whole world with the most top speed of 10m/s. It has made another world record for being the longest service elevator. There are a total of 140 floors. It took individual visionaries and expert science to give birth to this miracle.


In a small village in Dibba, UAE’s oldest mosque is located famous by the name Mosque Al Badiyah. Previously it was named after its constructor Ottoman. The entire mosque is made of only mud and stones. No woods were used during its construction. Some suggest it to be as old as the civilization of Islam in Dubai. The development of the mosque includes two watch towers protecting the mosque and the village surrounding it. I would highly recommend you to drop by the Mosque at least once during your tour.


Jumeirah Mosque goes famously by the name, ‘open doors’ because it is the only mosque that allows the public to take a tour of it. Even non-Muslims are welcomed with open arms and bright hearts as guests. In a casual and comfortable environment, people from all around the world are preached about Islamic culture and civilization. However, the dress code screams sophistication. But if for some reason you miss the sign, then you can borrow or buy traditional attire available at the mosque. Since Islam orders to keep the bodies covered, short dresses and shorts are forbidden inside the mosque. If the mosque allows every person from every religion, it does so within specific regulations that need to be followed. Once the place is filled with tourists ready to absorb the knowledge of Islam, no amount of words is enough to describe the bliss of the moment. Besides public sessions, there are private sessions available at the mosque, too.


I am sure my description of all famous historical places in Dubai made you love Dubai even more. The city is not only renowned all around the world, but the people that reside here are huge fans of their surroundings. People, like me that live in Dubai are the luckiest of all humans. There is no other place like Dubai in the whole world.

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