Does a trip to the shopping mall give knowledge your day as much as sharp your mind? If I agree that then, you and I are big lovers of marketing. Now as somebody who loves shopping, I demand the best out of the shopping mall. Although a minor fault in the shopping mall upsets my mood. I am sure you’ll agree with me.

Dubai understands the need for human like us and gives us perfect establishments. Today, I am going to talk about one of those malls famous by the name, “Mercato Mall.” Dubai is, no doubt, different from other cities in ways that if you learn them, you’ll be seconds away from falling in love with its developments. The city of Dubai is known for its architecture, but besides that, some products give unique attraction in Dubai from all around the world. Then the right choices are where those products are found even more desirable. Places like Mercato Mall Dubai. So let’s explore the mall together.


Before I begin with the areas, let me elaborate on the area of the mall gently

Mercato Mall Dubai is situated at Jumeirah Beach Road. Now, first of fall

The location of Mercato Mall is easy to reach for everybody as the island itself stand in the heart of the city presenting the breathtaking view of the Dubai.

Although you drive to the mall merely for a short trip, several areas around it are created for your total joy. If you get difficulty with its address, you can get help from the given link .http: // location-map-directions/


Mercato Mall is famous mainly due to its structure that illustrates the architecture of Mediterranean town during the European Empire. It is the first thing that is noticed to be brilliant about the Mall as it is built by an Italian Architect Mr. Danielle Morelli inspired by the Italian Renaissance. The name Mercato is taken from the Italian word that means market.

The design of the mall highlights the life of the Mediterranean city. Architects, mainly, based on three towns; Pisa, Venice, and Florence. Mediterranean Values Shrieks Royals and luxury. Therefore, Mercato Mall is designed that it represents their heritage. Even the interior of the Mall has the exterior of their homes built inside with perfectly color blended windows and doors. The shape of the roof and setting of lights describe the historical architect in the correct way possible. Besides that, there are paintings on particular walls of the Mall that gives the whole place to life.


After visiting the whole mall and breathing in the ancient air of European empire, one is going to be interested in the shops as that holds the most value to a customer. There are 140 shops in the Mercato Mall that sell wardrobe, jewelry, electronic items, footwear, makeup and other survivals for life.

For all ladies and gents out there, there is good news. You will have to make zero compromises for outfits as all latest trending; branded, unique clothes in various styles are available for you at multiple outlets. Same goes for the shoes.

To keep Emirati women wrapped in elegant styles and designs of jewelry, Mercato Mall offers shops like Accessorize, Aghara Paris, and Al LialJewelry, also, to fulfill the timeless need of Dubai’s women.

For ladies, there is one thing that will urge them to drive to Mercato Mall, and that is, “Pastels salon.” You can either get a complete makeover or allow them to work on your hair, treat it gently, get rid of damaged hair, dye a new color or if not that, then nourish your skin with safe and effective beauty treatments.


Here comes my favorite part. I don’t know about you, but I love food especially the end of the shopping I get tired. Mercato Mall is similar than any other mall in terms of the food court. Almost all famous restaurants like KFC, pizza hut, Akande and Biker canhave their outlets ready to serve you. The service and quality of food are on point.



The fun city is unique makes for kids. There is a wide range of games that can help nourish your child both physically and mentally. If your child not interested some reason, your child is not in the mood for sports; you can indulge them in activities like Party House, PlayZone and Fun & Learn. Either way, your kid will not be bored at Mercato Mall.


VOX Cinemas has the best experience to offer you at Mercato Mall. The prices are reasonable as they are according to what they are providing, that is, a comfortable environment and favorite movies with high definition quality.


If you have any queries regarding the mall, you can contact them on their page or directly call them.

Page Link: HTTP://

Call: 971 04 344 4161

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