The Timeless Beauty of Deserts Surrounding Dubai

Deserts are among the most dramatically surprising natural landscapes full of adventurous activities. Their stark beauty is timeless, and it is the only place where you can see all of the stars in the sky unobstructed by city lights. Deserts are wild, harsh places and life here exists without the comfort of city elements. Dubai is known to be a land of deserts, and no trip to Dubai is complete without experiencing its mysterious deserts. Whether it’s a bird watching trip, a desert safari or dune bashing the deserts over here will give you exciting challenges as you move forward to explore its beauty. The desert over here is full of mysteries, big and small and you’ll love exploring them, photographing them and learning more about these mystical places. Let’s have a look at the deserts in and around Dubai that will evoke your inner rhythm and will help you de-stress and energize.

Arabian Desert

This is the fourth largest Desert in the entire world and the largest in Asia. It covers almost all of Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates and is a vast desert wilderness. It extends from Yemen to the Persian Gulf and Oman to Jordan, at its center is the Rub’al-Khali, one of the most massive bodies of sand in the world. For those with an adventurous streak, you’ll find plenty of things to do here, from desert safari trips and dune-buggy journeys to dune bashing, hiking, and camel treks. It’s scintillating to watch this empty stretch of desert hugging the coastline outside the city area. If you want to have the glimpse of the stark beauty of the desert, then nighttime could be the best option to come to this place as everything seems still over here at this time and it seems as if you have a romance with the breathtaking wilderness of the desert.

Rub’ al Khali (Empty Quarter)

It is a part of the Arabian Desert and has the world’s largest continuous stretch of land. The Empty Quarter is made up of 650,000 square kilometers of dunes and has very few settlements. It also has a deficient presence of flora and fauna and hence has been given the name Empty Quarter. It is the world’s largest sand desert and extends up to the southern inland area of the Arabian Peninsular, covering over a quarter of Saudi Arabia. There is also a luxurious oasis amid the desert called Mirage Palace which is a five-star resort where you can experience lots of desert activities. There is also a desert highway named Tilal Al Liwa perched at the edge of this desert. There are sparkling outdoor pools, restaurants and a full range of desert activities which you can enjoy.

Al Qudra Desert

You’ll take less than an hour from Dubai to reach this beautiful desert. It is one of the closest deserts to the Emirate of Dubai, Al Qudra Desert, and is increasingly becoming one of the most popular camping spots amongst tourists and visitors. Whether you want to go for quad biking or gaze silently at its iconic landscape this dessert is perfect for quiet weekend escapes. You can camp here overnight and its close enough to feel like home and will lure you to stay till midnight to see a sky full of stars! This dessert will give you memoirs which will remain very close to the heart. Sometimes making your way through the dunes can be the best fun and Al Qudra has lots of dunes to challenge your adventurous soul.

Sweihan Desert

It is located between Dubai and Abu Dhabi and is also known as “Little Liwa,” as Liwa enthusiasts used to practice off-road adventure over here. This Desert is an excellent choice for going out on an off-road adventure, especially for the experienced drivers. It is known as a technical playground for off-roaders, as the tracks over here are not so easy. So before you start your off-road driving make sure you accompany few pro drivers along with you. If you like the look of glistening desert sands, then Sweihan desert can be the perfect destination for you.The rolling dunes, white sandy deserts, and a rare oasis is the main asset of Dubai. Today Dubai is quite famous for its modern development, world-class restaurants, hotels, and its unique architecture but honestly speaking the main essence of this emirate still lies in its sandy, brown landscape. You can book a Desert Safari at Dubai in advance, and collect priceless

You’ll marvel at the unique beauty these deserts have as it cannot be found anywhere else in the world. It’s a photographer’s paradise and a surreal for all the tourists visiting Dubai. Your journey will remain incomplete without invading these brown, serene landscapes.

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