Unfolding the Secrets of Hatta/ A Weekend Getaway To Hatta

Combining one of the oldest preserved heritages in UAE in the form of rugged mountains and the desert in a single tour, a weekend tour to Hatta Mountains is an incredible way to explore two contrasting unforgettable dreamlike landscapes in one. Hatta is a tiny village in UAE nestled in the Sultanate of Oman and is one of the topmost weekend adventurous getaways for UAE residents with the Hajar Mountains and the famous Hatta Pools. It is located only 100km from Dubai. The Hatta village is quite peaceful and serene, away from the atrocities of the city life of Dubai or Abu Dhabi. Whether you hit the high road against blue gleaming bodies of water in an ethereal landscape or want to indulge in mountain biking, hiking or camping, Hatta is the perfect destination for nature-lovers and thrill-seekers.

How to Reach Hatta

Reaching Hatta from Dubai is not a complicated journey. Your weekend tour to Hatta will take approximately 90 minutes by road from Dubai city. The only point to highlight is that to reach Hatta village you need to drive through a “leap” of land of the Oman before re-entering UAE and this will bring you to this small village. It is therefore highly advisable to carry your passport along with you so that crossing to checkpoints is not a problem.

What to See

Hatta has so much to offer you that its sheer tranquility will mesmerize you forever. Being one of the oldest preserved heritage areas in the UAE, you’ll see the reproduction of various local traditions, different types of architectures and houses that have been used locally in the past. As you start your journey with a scenic drive into this village, you’ll be greeted by the Hatta Fort Hotel where you can have a lovely stay. When you turn your vehicle into the central town, you’ll reach the Hatta Dam viewpoint which is a stunning scenic beauty with deep blue waters and peaceful ambiance. You can park your car and enjoy kayak ride on its deep blue waters. The mesmerizing view of the gorgeous Wadis and some fresh-water natural mountain pools, seem to be the perfect heaven to unwind or refresh before proceeding to the next stop. A weekend trip to Hatta certainly offers mesmerizing beauty and refreshing breezes. It’s not just the beauty, but the piousness and serenity of this place that will create special memories forever.While returning, you can visit the Hatta Heritage Village, which is a window to the ancient life and features the Hatta Fort within its bounds. Here you can also have a glimpse of the restored houses and huts and you can learn about the history of the inhabitants. If you want to dig a bit more information you can visit Hatta Library to gather information about the emirate’s history and people.

What to Do

Hatta is perfect for hiking covered by undulating peaks and troughs paving the way for great trails. The winding wadis and the meandering pathways of hills can also be an excellent sight for mountain biking, and many paths have been set up by the Hatta Mountain Bike Trail Centre for beginner to advanced-level riders. You might discover some hidden oasis along the way which will connect you with nature as you’ll pass by farmland, natural pools, and rocky hills. Official trekking routes are also being developed, but right now you can take short walks into the mountains on informal tracks. You can also enjoy the changing beautiful natural scenery from desert to peak on your way into Hatta.

Where to Stay

If you’re planning for a day trip to Hatta, then you don’t need to think about stay options available over here, but if you’d like to bask in the natural scenery and stay till midnight or two or three days, then you can book a chalet at the Hatta Fort Hotel. It is a 35 years old four-star resort with world-class facilities and the rooms over here provide a view of the

Hajar Mountains.

There are also some recently built camping spots near Hatta Mountain Bike Trail Centre. Here you’ll find barsati huts, toilet blocks and barbecue spot. You can also pitch a tent near one of the mountains and enjoy your stay in Hatta. When you first reach Hatta, you might think there is not much to rave about. On a prominent roundabout, the hotel is the first thing that you see, with a small group of shops opposite and then you wonder: is that it? But as you move towards the Hatta Village, you’ll start to uncover the surprising elements of Hatta. It’s so incredible that you’ll want to keep it alive in your memory lane forever. Nature’s best gift dwelling in the serene, peaceful ambiance allows you to sink into it and discover more about it. Be a part of this admirable journey.

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