Zabeel Park Is A Fantastic Place for Your Whole Family

You may have probably understood that there are several places to sightsee in Dubai. It is after all one of the most trafficked tourist spots in the world. It has some of the enduring places that help you to create a lifetime of cherished memories. Yes, it may sound so tacky, but it is true, you should become here to articulate what a fantastic place this city is. I may be slightly biased because let’s face it; I am a resident of the city. Now having said that, it gives me an added advantage over the fact that I know this city well and I will help you to find the right spots that will ultimately add to your memory. When you are in Dubai, you are in a city that rose from the sands of the Arab world to touch the gleaming brightness of the sky. Things that were unimaginable a decade ago perhaps are now a part of Dubai’s charisma. Dubai is a home to the tallest tower in the world, some of the most expensive hotels, a human-made island on the Persian Gulf and what not. It has stunned its visitors for years now, and it is your turn to get enthralled.

Talking about getting enthralled, the magnificent Zabeel Park needs to be discussed. Imagine a 120-acre green park in the middle of a desert, legends would say it’s a mirage, but I will say it’s Dubai. Dubai has always succeeded in creating magic, and Zabeel Park is nothing short of magic. Creating and maintaining a luscious green park that is covered with grass from corner to corner, in the city, which is grounded on the desert, is something no one imagined. This Park is a marvel in itself, very few could articulate the existence of the park, but it is there.

I have been to this place few times, but the first time I went there was on a bright sunny day in February, the weather was perfect, and I decided to have a look at this park that everyone is so crazy about. I am sharing my first experience with this park as I believe that is the first experience that will be able to capture my genuine excitement more than any other visitors that I partook later on.

Reaching it is quite easy. It is located between Al Karama and the World Trade Centre at Zabeel Square on Sheikh Zayed Road. It is one of the most magnificent parks in Dubai which holds the area equivalent to 45 football playgrounds. It has more than 3000 palm trees and more than 7000 trees in 14 different varieties. The park boasts the title of being the Gulf’s first technology-driven park. The park is divided into different sections with several pedestrian bridges connecting them.

The green colour of the grass was a striking contrast to the blue azure sky. The grasses were trimmed to perfection, and the palm trees that lined the park provided the needed shadow from the sun. But it is not limited to this openly; there are the Stargate Dubai children’s amusement complex and edutainment center, which is a fantastic option if you are traveling with kids. I won’t deny that it was fun for me as well, so you can also enjoy them along with your kids. The park marvels in its architecture which has been so well designed keeping in mind credible aesthetics and beautiful flow. There are vast open spaces, play areas, adventure playground and extensive lakes offering boat rides. You will also get ice rink, where you can go ice skating at a city with an average temperature north of 45 degrees.

There are large amphitheaters and covered areas for barbecues and picnics, allowing you to make a fund day out of your visit. One incredible aspect about this park, which bestowed it with the title of the technology-driven park, is that the whole park is equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity. I was fascinated to find out that the park has facilities for 3D cinema and other educational and entertaining interactive shows that will keep your child engaged with a fun time at Zabeel Park. You can advance book your visit and get further details from this website –

I made a day out of playing mini golf, mini cricket, and doing some amateur skateboarding. I was not good at it, but I did have a lot of fun. It is one of the best ways I have spent a Friday. Rather than spending your one day off in your house or some shopping mall, gamble your day in this park. You won’t be disappointed.

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