Aventura Amazonia – The tree adventure Park

Adventura Amazonia is well known for being one of the many sizeable international types of webbing of Tree Top adventure parks. Adventura Amazonia has seven parks in total, till date, which are located in Spain, Dubai, and Columbia respectively with the park at Dubai being recently started on October 2016.

Adventura Amazonia can be listed as one of those places or spots where one can spend their entire day with their friends, colleagues or family enjoying. It is considered to be a right spot for school kids too for their day out or picnic. Adventura Amazonia is also well known for its various activities and trust building exercises which are done excitingly.

We had a family outing waiting to get executed for which we chose the Aventura Amazonia Park located at Mushrif Park, Dubai as this is a perfect spot for children. As we entered my kiddo nephew couldn’t help but shout out like he’s the king of the place or rather Tarzan and as if all those Ghaf trees were his friends. Both my nephews were super excited from the very moment they entered the Park which made us, that is my sister and me very happy as well as excited.

The park, Aventura Amazonia, already had some families and a group of school kids present there. The place is suitable for school going kids as well as for any professional event by some firm. The Adventura Amazonia Park is very close to nature and has the best aerial runaway and adventure circuits to offer without a doubt. My nephews had to try every single activity that the park had to offer which left us a bit worried as they were kids and all the activities were on the top of the trees. We were apprehensive at first, but after the first activity, we were not worried anymore because we had full faith in the safety measures that the employees of the park had to offer. The park had the latest security systems, and I’m quite sure that Aventura Amazonia Park probably has one of the best safety and security measures which made me like the place a bit more.

The Aventura Amazonia Park (Dubai), located in Mushrif Park, has various activities to offer to start from rope climbing, zip lining and (my nephew’s favorite and mine as well) jumping from a tree! My nephews and I have a unique name to this activity of jumping from the tree as the Tarzan activity. The Park also has sky-high challenges to offer. All the events are held between the many Ghaf trees present there at the park. We all headed for our favorite activity at first that is the Tarzan activity which had excited us the most. At the activity spot, we got to know that all the challenges came in five different levels or stages of difficulty where ‘Extreme’ is a complex level and the toughest. The lower level is said to be designed for those who are in search of some fearless activity. Aventura level is the next level that offers both height and complexity and thus is suited or fit for participants who are ready to take up some adrenaline pumping challenges.

Then comes level ‘Thriller’ which is, according to me, thrilling level as its difficulty level is low, but the activity will have high altitude. This level is extremely adventurous for zip line fun. Then is level ‘Explorador’ which I feel can be enjoyed by all the participants as it’s difficulty level is not too high which will not exclude the first-timers from trying not is too low which will keep the regulars interested as well. Explorador although is designed mainly for the young ones or more specifically for ones young at heart (as explained to me).

Lastly comes level ‘Ranger’ which is the lowest difficulty level challenge and involves some circuit activity and is designed mainly children but the parents can accompany them too. Since my nephews were very young, we had to go for level ‘Ranger’ challenge which my nephews enjoyed to bits. Then they went for zip line fun in the same level. This time we, me and my sister, went for the same in level Explorador with pounding hearts. I tell you the experience was thrilling and so exciting and all the moments were nail biting! We then went for a few more challenges before heading home which we enjoyed thoroughly and are ready to go there again, anyway!

My take on the place is that if you want a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and enjoy your day with the young ones, then there’s no place better than the Aventura Amazonia Park! For the thrill lovers, the ‘Extreme’ circuit challenge will be daring for you both mentally and physically. Thus if you are looking for a place to fiddle around and enjoy then here the treetop park is the best place in the city to go to!

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