Best Water Sports Fantasies in Dubai

Are you a water sports lover? If you get your kicks from frolicking in the rivers, lakes, oceans, or even puddles, the world of water sports will give an instant adrenaline rush to your body. From the surf haven of kayak rides to the adventurous scuba diving water sport, Dubai is full of amazing locations to make your holiday memorable. If you’re an adventure freak like me, then indulging in a little aquatic amusement will entice your adventurous soul. From the famous rafting rapids in Jumeirah Beach to the wild surfing waters in the Arabian Sea, Dubai is a treat for an adrenaline rush. If you are looking for a thrill-filled vacation then why not dive into the calm waves with water sports? Dubai is undoubtedly a wakeboarder’s paradise and gives you so many water sports options to choose from. Here’s a guide to the best water sports in Dubai.


If you plan to go to Dubai and don’t go for wakeboarding, then you’re going to miss the real fun and adventure. This is a surface water sport in which the rider has to mount a wakeboard to move across the surface. This sport gives the pleasure of snowboarding, water skiing, and surfing all in one. Ras Al Khaimah and Sea Riders are the favorite places in Dubai for this adventure sport. While water skiing you lift yourself out of the water there’s the added twist of trying your hand at flips. The ride may seem difficult for starters because you’ll have to lift yourself out of the water more than a few times and you might not even like the taste of seawater, but with proper guidance and use of appropriate equipment, you will enjoy this fun water ride to the fullest.


AED 250/20 minutes


This is an extreme sport with thrills and chills enjoying the pleasant view of the serene water and beautiful scenery all around. In kayak ride, you ride on lightweight boats across the river, and you have to keep paddling to move the boat forward. You can even double the excitement of kayak rides by indulging in fishing while traveling in shallow water. You can paddle across to the Palm Jumeirah Beach from the Hilton at Dubai’s JBR. Whether you are an amateur or an expert, you’ll enjoy the kayak rides to the fullest. There are three types of kayaks- open deck, sit on the top deck and inflatable deck. Usually, closed bridge is the most famous among the riders because only the upper body of the rider can be seen in these decks.


Single kayak: AED 130

Double Kayak: AED 345

Scuba Diving

It is the most adventurous water sport of all the time and gives you a new experience full of fun and thrill. There are many diving sites in Dubai which you must visit for sure to unearth the sunken treasure of Dubai. The west coast of Dubai is especially most famous for scuba diving, but you can’t find coral reef over here. Musandam is another place over here which offers better diving experience. It is a heavily mountainous peninsula that is still uninhabited, with some fascinating above and below water landscapes and sights. This is an excellent place for both beginners and experienced divers, and if you need any professional help, you can take guidance from the experts. The most exciting scuba diving site in the West Coast is the Aquarium in Dubai Mall, where you can see all kinds of sharks and stingrays. There are a lot more corals and abundant marine life over here. Discover colorful reefs, turtles, swim-through and significant fish action during your scuba dive over here.


Snorkeling is the best underwater sports option to explore an underwater ecosystem or to get up close and personal with marine fishes, sharks, and many other fascinating underwater creatures. It gives you the perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in the ecstasy of nature. Dubai Aquarium is very famous in Dubai to have an enjoyable snorkeling experience while exploring the deep blue sea. The underwater scenery in this aquarium is unmatched, and you can experience the furry touch of the fishes and the reefs while snorkeling deep inside this aquarium.If you love water sports, then Dubai can be the perfect destination to indulge in several thrilling water activities. It is the home to legendary surfing destination and can provide you with a dangerous adrenaline rush. It allows you to be up close and personal to rare species and fascinating marine fauna along with a dose of adventure and thrill. There is no doubt that the water sports activities in Dubai will keep you in awe for a long time. So what are you waiting for pack your bag and dive into the vast ocean and underwater world of Dubai?

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