30 Budget hotels in Dubai under 60 dollars

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i am sure you are looking for budget hotels in dubai so let me help you out with best and budget hotels in dubai !

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(source : www.trivago.com)

The city is known world over for the most expensive hotels on the planet, but being an Indian who lives in a metropolitan city I have confidence in finding a budget option anywhere. Here I have listed some 30 Budget hotels from Dubai, all these hotels are at a distance of 5km from the Dubai city, in close proximity to Dubai city center and have fantastic reviews.

All the budget hotels in dubai listed below are below are below $60 or Rs.4000 per day, I mean which is amazing as they have the facilities of a 3 star hotel in India and a free breakfast. Websites like Trivago.com have an option of redirecting you to various websites so you know you are not being overpriced for the same restaurant. Always read the reviews before picking up the hotel to cost cut. I mean you wouldn’t want to stay in a hotel with a pool if you are going be out all day. Also most hotels might have a condition on how many people can actually stay in a room, so if four of your friends are planning to be crashing in a two sharing accommodation like in India, don’t expect anything it be happening here because the country has serious laws against that.

Another thing that Dubai policy doesn’t allow you to do is sharing a room together if you aren’t married, this doesn’t always work with some hotels. So even though you are traveling with a sibling or a child of the opposite sex then hotels may have rules where this might not be welcome, so double check on that too.

Things to keep in mind while travelling on a light budget in Dubai and finding budget hotels in dubai-

1. Don’t opt for hotels that have amenities that you do not need. I mean a hotel with a spa and pool look fantastic but do we really need that.

2. Ground rule is to avoid having food from the hotel, we all know unless the food is complementary you should not have food from your accommodation as it is obviously going to be over priced.

3. Dubai has a fantastic variety of small restaurants and Turkish grills (the Indian equal ant of chat wallas) that are wafting with smell from fresh made kababs and if you are a vegetarian don’t be lost cause they have the finest variety of breads and dips (must try Dubai Dip – hummus), so don’t go for Mc Donald’s or KFC just cause these fast food joints sell an Arab variant of your favorite chicken wrap and obviously better version of the Indian variant.

4. So since you are a traveller in a tax-free country don’t’ forget to stuff your goody bag with those amazing cosmetic items that are for half the price. No guys I am not talking about Maybelline New York and L’Oreal Paris there are better versions of the same thing and all imported off course and don’t forget the handmade Turkish chocolates.

5. Instead of buying expensive perfumes for gifting folks back home tryout the local perfumes called attar, which have a unique fragrance and you will grow to love as you stay more in the city and the perks is that they are mostly organic and you are guilt free of supporting some huge corporate firm.

6. When you pick a hotel keep in mind that the hotel is close in proximity to your travel destination so you can always walk to wherever you want to go. Taxi’s are not an affordable option in the middle east, so its either a bus or metro and don’t feel bad about using public transport, a car is the slowest transportation option between two places in Dubai so count yourself lucky.

7. Don’t waste money on things that you can get back home like cotton candy and popcorn even though it may look tempting. Remember you have come all the way to explore what the city has to offer so save those extra DHS on maybe that expensive Ferrari roller costar ride.

If you are traveling alone Dubai also has a listing of hostels that begins for about have the price (around $22 or rs2000).
1. Zain East
2. Africana
3. Melody Queen
4. Galaxy Plaza
5. West
6. Shangrila
7. Queens Hotel
8. Panorama Grand
9. Deema
10. Hyde Park
11. Everest International
12. Hues Boutique
13. Roda Amwaj Suites
14. City Gold
15. St. George
16. Middle East Hotel
17. Saffron
18. Orchid
19. Al Buraq
20. Fortune Pearl
21. Sahil
22. Ibis Dubai Al Riga
23. Easy Hotel Jebel Ali
24. Deira Palace
25. Phoenicia
26. Index
27. Ibis One Central
28. Tulip Creek
29. Royal Prince
30. Sima

I hope you find this list helpful if you need any more you can reach me www.bazilpatel.com or find me on instagram

I am going to soon update this list of budget hotels in dubai so it can help travelers like me save money and survive as a backpacker you can also help me add some more budget hotels in dubai by suggesting some in the comments and we can have a better list of budget hotels in dubai !

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