35 Ways to Chill the Hot Summers in Dubai

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35 Ways to Chill the Hot Summers in Dubai


Summers in Dubai are renowned for their hot, hotter, and hottest degree of heat when the orange-yellow ball of sun breathes dragon fire. Of course, you can do the ice bucket challenge on repeat to beat the heat. The best ways to chill through the hot summers in Dubai entail a list of activities that punch the heat straight in its guts so that you can chill and have fun on and on, without having to worry about a thing. So here is a list of all the fun-filled activities that you can do this summers in Dubai.

  1. Hit the Ski Dubai

Located in the Mall of Emirates, the Ski Dubai is the best land of snow ever living in amidst the shining sunny land, where you can have fun with the Snow Bullet and encounter a Penguin.


  1. Snow the heat away

Visit the Dubai Ice Rink that has a round-the-year snowfall and a new Snow Zone that allows the kids to fire snowballs at each other and build a snowman in the summers. Plus, you can also ice skate in the middle of the dazzling summers.


  1. Go into the Ice Bar

Save yourself from heat by seeking refuge in a -19-degree ice bar cave at the Cavalli Club’s Ice Lounge. The heat wouldn’t bother you an inch.


  1. Need a quick blast of air? Cryo’s the thing to do

In the summers, Cryotherapy is the ultimate thing that you need to that combines calories reduction with a blast of chilled air and skin renewal with -140 to -160 degrees.


  1. Let’s hit the spas

There is a myriad of hotels that boast spas to beat the heat such as the Four Seasons Resort Jumeirah where you have an ice room, ice shower, and a spa to please your baked-in-the-desert skin.


  1. Go for the Waterparks

You know that this should be the place where you can definitely chill in the summers and should be the on top of your summer activities’ checklist. Also, there is a variety to choose from such as the Wild Wadi or Legoland Waterpark

  1. One word: Palm, the Atlantis

Palm, the Atlantis is the one stop to completely forget about the heat that is literally showering on you. There are several activities to choose from, there, of course, is the Aquaventure Water Park.


  1. Sun + Fun= Poolside Brunch

If you want to play with the sun’s rays while simultaneously being able to stay in the shades than you have Vida Downtown’s that offers a splash in the pool along with a brunch there in the canopies of shade.


  1. Swim the heat away

Several pools offer reasonable rates during the summer months, and you can hit the waters at, say, for instance, Horizon at Le Meridian Mina Seyahi that is open for swimming during the night hours.


  1. An air-conditioned bar

Barasti is the place to be in the summer in Dubai. It is fully air-conditioned and has a tented structure to keep the heat at bay.


  1. Take a cooking class

The Taj Hotel in Business Bay opens its doors for cooking classes that offer a unique pre-brunch experience of cooking classes with its Executive Chef, Jitin Joshi and Head Chef named Ajay Negi.


  1. Let’s Scream, Ice Cream

The Kite Beach parks a Wanna Banana ice cream spot for ya’ll to kill the heat. It is the trendy way of appeasing your sweet tooth and a place to cool down with ice cream.


  1. Water sports

Enjoy a bumpy, splashy ride with a sharp-shaped vehicle at Rixos to punch the beat. There’s a speedy trip in the waters with full safety measures taken in advance.  


  1. Yoga by a beach in the AC

Meditate and exercise by the beach in an air-conditioned room with Abbey Yates followed by a lovely, healthy breakfast at the Surf Cafe.


  1. Shop it away

Another good way to tackle the heat is by hitting the malls. There are just so many malls to hang out, and there are not just shopping options alone, you can go for art galleries, theaters, and numerous cafes and restaurants. You can go to the Dubai Mall, Wafi Mall, or the Mall of Emirates, the largest in Dubai.


  1. Some scuba diving as well   

Water is undecidedly the best way to chill out in the heat and you can rock at the beaches and kick the adrenaline-rush with sports such as scuba diving, jet ski rides, and flyboarding.


  1. Cool in the skies

Go for some flying, which is another brilliantly bonzer activity to do in Dubai during the hot summers. You can learn to fly planes and opt for parasailing or ride a microlight. All this in one place in Ras al Kheimah


  1. Cool off with the dolphins

The best partners you can find for yourself in these sweltering summers are none other than the dolphins. Catch the sweet, friendly dolphins at the Dolphinarium in Dubai, and if you have kids, continue their education on a lighter note. Dolphins and seals await to welcome you to subside the heat with their live performances.


  1. Busy yourself in some games

There is no need to conjure up an image of a sweating you with a basketball in your hands because obviously, I am not suggesting that my brethren melt in the heat. I am suggesting that you take the gaming indoors in the entertainment parks in Dubai such as the City Walk. And while you are there, you have to check out the Hub Zero, which is a must-go place.  


It is an indoor entertainment park that is loaded with virtual reality and interactive games. 18 attractions with arcade machines and four gaming zones triple the fun.


  1. Glow-in-the-dark Golf

Another unique and fun thing to add to your checklist for summers in Dubai includes playing golf. Nah, nah! Not the traditional golf you’re guessing. I am talking mini golf court taken indoors with the fun taken up a notch with the glow in the dark design of the golf pad. How? What? Where? So many questions, one simple answer Tee and Putt.


  1. For a change, turn into Spiderman  

Blimey or not, it is always fun climbing the walls, of course, unlike Peter Parker you would not have to scale the walls of your city with the sun beating hammers of heat on your head. Absolutely not. In Dubai, you have an indoors solution for wall climbing with options of different levels of difficulty so that you don’t back out just by the name of it. Have some fun climbing walls at the Dorell Sports or Sky Trail.


  1. Bounce the heat away

Oh yes, you definitely can do that in Dubai without having to worry about being in the sun. How? I hear you ask, hit the Bounce Dubai that is has the biggest trampoline park in the country for you and all this indoors. For all the jumping enthusiasts out there, here is a heaven for you all.

  1. Don’t forget the theme park

Are you ready for the time of your life because I have the best option for you all and not it is not just an option but a summer option so you can have the summers of your life. So let’s raise the curtain to unveil the paradise called IMG Worlds of Adventure that packs together an indoor adventure for you with lots of thrill. The place is divided into four zones that are referred to as Marvel, Lost Valley-Dinosaur Adventure, Cartoon Network, and IMG Boulevard to bring the best time of your life within the boundaries of a theme park.


  1. Try some protein shakes

There is no denying that protein shakes are healthy, period. But there is no scope for a no to a protein shake particularly when you are up for building some muscles in Dubai during these summers. So here is a big nod of approval to the amazing protein shakes at the Brothaus in Business Bay.


  1. Laugh away the heat

Laughter is the best medicine, and it is no doubt the best remedy for keeping the summer sun at an arm’s length too. Go for the Laughter Factor and enjoy some lols there. There are world-renowned stand-up comedians present there to help your giggle away the summers in Dubai.


  1. Pac-Man? Pac-Man!

At the Stereo Arcade located at the Jumeirah Beach Residency, you not only get to slice up the summer heat but also keep yourself entertained by playing Pac-man at the arcade. Not to forget, there is a bar and club too.


  1. How about an open-mic night

Enjoy your summer Saturdays at the Tr!beca Kitchen + Bar . Eight budding singers take the stage to sing the night away reminiscing the songs of the ‘90s. You can also make some name and have some fame by asking nicely for five minutes on stage.

  1. Take an abra across the Dubai Creek

Forget the cruises; just fetch an abra, a boat that is the traditional way to sail the waters of the Dubai Creek.


  1. Watch a movie

Catch up with the latest Hollywood and Bollywood sensational hits and watch a movie at the Reel Cinemas throughout the summer and have some fun, keeping your mind off the hot summers with the entire air-conditioned, chill environment.  


  1. Zoo the heat away

The Dubai Mall offers an exciting adventurous activity that is going to keep the heat miles away from because you are going to be underground in the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo. The beauty of this place is going to make you go wow.


  1.  Present a challenge to your brain before it bakes

Don’t let your brain bake in the summer sun in Dubai. Go to Escape Quest for some guaranteed fun so that you can present a brainteaser to your mind, so it remains active during the hot season too. Plus, it is fun. Here is the reveal: get locked in a place and within 60 minutes trace clues to plan an escape through an exit. So you know that “you can run, you can hide, but you can’t escape the fun.”


  1. Strike it away

If you have some serious flair for striking and aiming at the right spot then you can beat the heat by bowling at the Dubai Bowling Centre , knock away the heat.


  1. Play some badminton

The Dubai Sports World offers you the chance to chill through the summers in its eight free-to-play courts of badminton. You can also learn badminton if you don’t know how to with courses also being open.


  1. Watch the sunrise or sunset

Obviously, I didn’t forget Burj Khalifa , how can I? And the glorious experience of watching the dawn and the sun dip is beyond mesmerizing and something that you cannot miss no matter what this summer.


  1. SkyDive at the iFly

Defy the odds of gravity and Skydive at the iFly at the City Center Mirdif . Additionally, there is a cinema, lots of eateries, an arcade, and the Carrefour present in this mall. So here’s to a full fun day.  


  1. Speedboat around the palm

Fetch a speedboat and forget about all the heat while speeding through the waters around the Palm Jumeirah and the world archipelagos.

I guess by now it is established that Summers in Dubai are not a pain at all. In fact, there are just so many activities to combat the heat and make the summers in Dubai a memorable time of your life. From shopping in air-conditioned malls to trying new restaurants, bars, and cafés, from watching movies to riding cruises, and from theme parks to adventure-riddled fun-packed arcades, there is just a lot to do during summer in Dubai . It’s like your name, you got it.


PS: there are air conditioners everywhere in Dubai, so it’s a full-fledged farewell program for the heat.

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