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5 Souks Of Dubai That Can Make Your Shopping Fun !

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The souks of the Middle East are some of the oldest marketplaces in the world. Long before we had streets lined with a different segment of goods for our cash-filled wallets, sellers would gather displaying their artifacts, spices, and other utility goods. The more sellers in one spot naturally attract the more buyers there, and thus a cycle was born. These markets, mostly found in Arab and Muslim countries, served as an essential pillar for the functioning of the society and in some cases, government functions were also carried out over here. Nowadays, souks are still a part of the operation of everyday life in Dubai, and they also make for great fodder for visitors. The magnificent views and sounds, the fantastic display of colors, the sellers vying for your attention, everything looks so traditional and instantly reflects the heritage and culture. Here are five of the best souks in Dubai, all almost worthy of a trip on their own.
Gold Souk
The gold souk is Dubai’s most famous souk and is home to thousands of sellers offering a vast selection of jewelry made from gold, silver, and other precious metals and stones. There are more than 300 jewelers in this Souk, and you can get every kind of jewelry over here. If you’re hovering the market in search for some sparkly goods, you’ll have a one of a kind experience, including the display of your bargain skill and intense haggling! It is a place of frenetic activity, with a lively and colorful ambiance. Even if you are not in a mood to buy these precious stones, you can still visit the Gold Souk to immerse into the overwhelming amount of bling-bling. Women will especially like this souq because gold and diamond is often a women’s best friend and they’ll find abundant varieties of these precious stones over here.
Spice Souk
The spice souk is adjacent to the gold souk, and you can smell the spice souk before you visit it. This is the place where fragrant aromas line the narrow passages having stores of different spices. This is the biggest spice market in the whole world. From herbs and exotic seasoning under the sun to incense, rose petals and traditional medicinal products you can find everything over here. You’ll find bags of spices, overflowing with pepper, chilli powder, cloves, nutmeg and bay leaf. These spices arrive every day in the market from neighboring countries such as Pakistan, India, and Iran. If you want to do pocket-friendly shopping, then you’ll have to master the bargaining skills because bargaining is the norm over here. The best way to pay is through cash.
Perfume Souk
If you want to buy branded perfumes in Dubai, then a visit to the Perfume Souk can be the best experience for you. It is situated on the east of Gold Souk, lined up on Sikkat Al Khail Street, and the shops over here are collectively known as the Perfume Souk. Shopping in Dubai Souk’s can never is complete without a visit to the Perfume Souk. Immerse into the rich aromas of rose, jasmine, and lotus as you wander through the cluster of perfume shops over here. Some shops also give you a choice to create your fragrance sold in beautifully decorated bottles as well as international brands. The Arabic locals particularly like the traditional oil-based attar perfumes, but even if you want something else, The Perfume Souk will always have it for you.
Bur Dubai Souk
Bur Dubai Souk is probably the best bargain market in Dubai. It is situated on the Bur Dubai side of the Creek and has an Arabic inspired market theme with a wooden central arcade entrance to the covered shopping area. The Indian traders can be mostly seen over here along with few Iranian businesspeople who are also present over here. This location is often dubbed as garment capital in Dubai and has two leading textile shops- Meena Bazar and Rivoli but. This is a fabric paradise, and you can find a stunning array of fabrics in a single area over here. The emerging fashion designers and tailors consider it as a bustling souk to get colorful fabrics and textiles.
Souk Madinat
This market is perfect for those who don’t like the haggling experience of the souks but still want to enjoy the thrill of shopping souk-style. Situated between the Al Qasr hotels and five-star Mina A’Salam Souk MadinatJumeirah is an excellent place for those who want to shop for fine art and sculptures, design pieces and wall hangings. While you wander across the labyrinth of narrow lanes, you can also take in a show at the atmospheric Madinat Theatre or choose from an array of restaurants situated over here to have a sumptuous meal. You can even increase the pleasure of your shopping experience by taking a traditional abra ride and drink in the views of the icon Burj Al Arab.
You’ll find all the exciting things in the souks of Dubai. While Dubai is slowly converting into a modern city, traditional Arabian markets are still the essence of daily life and trade. The souk gets lively at night, often with musical performances and plays — costumed acrobats on stilts are brought in from other countries for entertainment. Whenever you think of shopping these souks can give you the best experience. Every time I come to Dubai I never forget to visit the Souk and I end up hanging out at least twice there. Along with shopping these souks keep you thoroughly entertained.