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So when i stepped into dubai I was curious to know who are the best bloggers in dubai !

I began writing thinking of listing just their names but some of these bloggers in dubai have such inspiring blogs in dubai that I couldn’t help but tell. So I have written some of my favorite bloggers in dubai and why I love them so much.

So I have curated a list of blogs in dubai that came as the best fashion, food and travel blogs in Dubai, some are my personal favorites; others have come in various newspapers and journals as the top blogs. I have also included bloggers in dubai who have a maximum number of visitors according to number of monthly visitors. (Source: http://www.blogmetrics.org/dubai)
Some tips for amazing blog:

1. Be Personalized and Interactive
The greatest thing that draws people to a blog is the fact that a blog is somewhere where you can write a lot of personal content without being judged for your opinion. Unlike a media where your content is going to be cut short by what is generally thought to be popular you have no boundaries here, you can write any sexual content, openly state political opinion and judge people and places for what they really are. In a world where people are so fake blogs within original content definitely stand out.

2. Good Images
There are generally two types of people who come to a blog; I do categorize them as people who love to read and people who don’t. So just stuffing your blog with writing content won’t do, you need to ensure that there are plenty of images or GIFS, so even though the images may not be taken on a DSLR make sure there are some good pictures.

3. Organized Content

Its always helpful if you stick to a particular kind of content in general but if you are a mix up make sure each post on your blog is neatly categorized and labeled accordingly. Like if you are a person who loves both clothes and food stop posting them one after the other put each of them separately and always remembers to hash tag.

4. Highlight your Individuality

The Dubai blog http://www.sandinthecity.net/ called Mademoiselle in Dubai, the blog is this year Dubai top fashion blog according to Cosmopolitan Dubai and for a good reason. The blog has amazing photographs of high-end fashion shows, the writing is crisp and short, and obviously people looking for good cloths are not interested in literature. Something that I specifically wanted to point out was that the blogger is a French woman; she has highlighted it in the title so this gives a lot of credibility to her blog unknowingly. I mean its not everyday you meet a blogger in Dubai who is a partisan and a fashion expert. So if you are student write about your student life, an expat in Dubai record your struggles etc.

5. Be up-to-date
Nobody will follow a blog that only posts twice in a year, no matter how bad you think your content is please keep posting on a daily basis. Don’t keep ranting, as after a point it is annoying for the reader. Whatever contents you post should be relevant to your topic and edited multiple times.

6. Marketing
A little bit of marketing goes a long way in helping your blog, always share your blog post on social media sites on which you are active. Also link your blog to social media accounts and post relevant content. If you are a food blogger keep a public Instagram account that is linked to your blog, the account should show recipe tips but not the entire thing. Remember that all social media content should be directed the one goal which is your blog. While sharing a post Facebook tag friends who are likely to share. The above are free methods for marketing. A blog host like word press will other options like your unique domain which is a brilliant idea for generating traffic to your website.

1. http://shereenmitwalli.com/
2. www.dalalid.com
3. http://sandierpastures.com/
4. https://healthylifeandhappymind.com/
5. http://umarsiddiqi.com/blog/
6. https://ishitaunblogged.com/
7. http://secretdubai.blogspot.com/
8. http://hkfinds.com/
9. www.rubazai.com
10. http://www.chloemoirnutrition.com/
11. http://foodemag.com/
12. http://cookingwithzahra.com/
13. http://www.coffeecakesandrunning.me/
14. http://www.platetrotter.com/index.html
15. http://mideats.com/
16. http://www.findmeabreak.me/
17. http://thetummytrain.com/
18. http://traveljunkiediary.com/
19. http://dubaitravelblog.com/
20. http://www.whileimyoungandskinny.com/
21. http://kennethsurat.com/
22. http://www.urbantravelblog.com/guide/dubai/
23. http://itscamilleco.com/2015/03/travel-diary-dubai-city-tour/
24. http://gardkarlsen.com/blog/?tag=dubai
25. http://www.thethrifttrip.com/
26. http://www.ladyandhersweetescapes.com/
27. www.fashiondiaries.com
28. http://uaelabourlaw.blogspot.com/
29. www.lookamillion.blogspot.com
30. http://dubaiphotostory.blogspot.com/
31. http://www.kalelmosaiah.com/
32. www.desertmannequin.com
33. http://the-abduls.com/
34. http://blog.dubaicityguide.com/site/
35. http://oussamastake.blogspot.com/
36. http://www.anjasfood4thought.com/
37. http://www.anup.org/
38. https://burpandbelch.com/tag/thecalmdev/
39. http://www.fourjandals.com/
40. https://zaatarandquinoa.com/
41. http://blog.dubaicityguide.com/site/
42. https://food.devinadivecha.com/43. https://thecinnamonfiend.wordpress.com/
44. http://www.estatesdubai.com/
45. http://saudibeautyblog.com/author/marriam_mossalli/
46. http://dxbunderground.com/blogx/
47. http://www.dubaiblog.it/
48. http://www.secretsquirrelfood.com/
49. http://thehedonista.com/
50. http://www.whenshaikhacooks.com/

These are some of the best bloogers in dubai i have come across there are many more bloggers in dubai who are still unknown and havent been famous bloggers in dubai

Feel free to comment if you feel if there are more bloggers in dubai who are good and i can add them to my list of best bloggers in dubai

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