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A Guide To wander in Dubai Marina

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Dubai Marina

Dubai City, a place where peace comes in style and infrastructure commits only strength, has been able to uplift the standards of premium luxury. Dubai tourism, on the other hand, has gotten the advantage of the same and has broken its set benchmark of tourism. Plenty of people from all over the globe come and create their Dubai Holidays memories and wrap it into their hearts forever. Few places that are responsible for constructing the marvelous image of Dubai are Burj Khalifa, Dubai Marina, The Palm Island, Jumeirah, and plenty of others. Since Dubai Marina is a lesser talked about place, we here garnish the image of Dubai Marina with our words. Keep reading to know more about the area.

Dubai Marina: Known as one of the fantabulously established new districts in Dubai City, Dubai Marina comes amongst the largest human-made marina in the history of humanity. The Marina comprises of various entertainment complexes, top-notch restaurants, and various 7-star hotels.

The Marina comprises of few of the famous buildings of Dubai which are tall and exceptionally crafted. There are also plenty of delightful diversions present in the waterfront development like the boutiques, and several markets situated along the seven-kilometer walk of the beautiful Dubai Marina. Tourists can hop into the boats or can get along on the Dubai Marina yacht club which is another adventure in its own.

Facilities in Dubai Marina:
Sunset and Dinner Cruise: A glass door houseboat is sneaky and surprising both. The houseboats come in different sizes which can be used depending upon the availability of the boats. The food offered is 5 star in nature, and the ship dawns its services around 4:30 in the evening and continues till night with dinner time at 8 PM.

Aquaventure Waterpark: Known as the most famous waterpark in the whole of Dubai City, the Aquaventure offers a 2 kilometer of fun. Few of the topmost preferences include water slides and shark-filled lagoons. Favorite rides in the park are:
The Tower of Poseidon
The Tower of Neptune
The Splashers Children’s Play Area
Shark Safari
Ray Feeding

Reel Cinemas: The place is not like every other cinema, the spots like a boutique cinema house where you will be compelled to get addicted to the cinema of luxury offered. There is a wide variety of food and beverages available; also there are around 6 six screen options present. Visitors can make an online booking, organize parties, and book their place in platinum suites as well.

Emirates Golf Club: The place is sincerely known as the “desert miracle” and shines with abundant greenery. The area was inaugurated in the year 1988 and is a miraculous host to Omega Dubai Desert Classic, European Tour and Dubai Ladies Masters. The place ranked amongst the top 100 golf courses in the world.

Dubai Marina Mall: The 4-level shopping mall is the best compliment to the splendor of Dubai Marina. The mall has around 130 shopping outlets which are relatively small as compared to the Dubai standards. The mall, however, fulfills all sorts of luxury shoppers standards like the boutique fashion, waterfront restaurants, beverage outlets, and a splendid kids playground.