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Al Wadi Natural Reserve

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This world won’t let you find peace, bro? — a lot of people have mouthed these words
ever since I knew to tie my shoelaces! But I bet they haven’t strolled their footsteps at Al
Wadi natural reserve in Dubai, else they would have sued themselves for issuing such a
The idea to lug away from all the responsibilities and meet Al Wadi natural reserve was inspired by
Alice Smith!

Now I’m writing you a letter
And I’m making it long
Now I’m breathing and I’m bleeding
And the pages are torn
Now I’m writing to you to tell you
I may go missing and lost
The sand covers my face
The sand covers my face (covers my face)
The sand covers my face (covers my face)
(Covers my face)
My mama said
“Life is for living
If you ain’t happy, honey
Go out and reinvent yourself”
The desert is good
The desert is dark
I’ve got to go away
Said I’m going away
So after popping off and witnessing Al Wadi desert, The feeling of being close from the
material I am made from — the sand— mounted within me. I remember sticking my eyes
at the rolling sand dunes which played with my eyeballs by flying to another area. I
carefully listened to a message of a muttering wind which whispered from the other
directional wind to remain out of its domain. If the latter won’t obey, then be ready to
squeeze your eyes guys, as thick, hazy and angry breeze may try to blow sand into your
eyes! This place has a full party scene on even if no friend is in your luggage, as the free-
roaming wildlife acts as your boredom eaters. Rugged mountain topography of Al Wadi
Dubai is waiting since years to get stored in the eyes of your camera. If you really have
the soul pushing you for traveling, then you just need a camera as your passport. Who
won’t want to hit the 5000-year-old Dubai’s desert and bless it with birthday wishes? A
the desert which has kept the culture and tradition of Dubai alive with its. This enormous
area of Dubai will excite your senses, as there are nature-friendly activities which will
keep you on the seventh sky.

Lets hit the target
Ever wanted to smack down your pain and anger  ? to drain it now, as archery activity will extinguish that burning fire. How so — well
assume the target to be your pain and let your fears and anger flow through your vision. Next,
transform into Legolas from the Lord of Rings or Katniss Everdeen from the Hunger
Games — in order to actually hit the target! You can wish the sun to witness your victory
or moon, as these archery sessions are available day and night.

What the fish?
If you are at Al-Wadi Natural reserve, and if not yet went fishing … then I will mouth what the fish! You
can’t miss fishing. If you have pictured crystal lakes flowing then shush the idea, as here
lays a water hole that offers a perfect spot to kidnap fish.
National prestige
Falconry — a soul with tapered and thin wings is UAE’S national bird, which gives
competition to lightening in speed. But here they won’t flip directions like usual. You
won’t have more holes than a swiss cheese in handling these birdies, as in seconds the
best instructors will help you tame them. Your gaze is also likely to slide over sharp-eyed
eagles, hooked beak owls, and broad-winged hawks!

Ride Away
Over 30 horse and more than 12 camels reside in this area of Dubai. Sweeping past
through the stables you can choose your tour companion. As a courtesy let me remind
you: your horses are only brave as you are — else you always have an option of a pony
ride! Peeps if you don’t have the slightest knowledge of riding then at the drop of hat take
lessons from riders to present there — save swag for later!

Camel — the new posers
If horses haunt then silent camels are the best thing since sliced bread for you. Hop it on
and float your gaze across the sunset. I made my camel to wander across the sand dunes
so could earn a proper tour of Arabian Desert. Allow me to let the cat out of the bag,
these camels love to photo bomb your pictures. Once when I had to click the sunset,
camel barged in and didn’t even signal a sorry after damaging the photograph — posers!

Time for making a long story short, whether you are under the spotlight of night stars or
beneath the spark of the scorching sun — this place of Dubai will never fail to disarm you.
As it had stormed my mind with a new array of ever-cherishing memories. You have
known my experience, now bottle points at you. Goodbye for now, it’s me and the desert!