The Artistic Face of Dubai: Art-Dubai

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The Artistic Face of Dubai: Art-Dubai

While many of the travelers may not be aware of the art scene in Dubai and others might complain that it completely lacks any art, there is one thing that I am going to clear one in all your minds today and it is that you guys still have not had a full glimpse of the artistic face of Dubai.


While Dubai is dripping shopping and skyscrapers, there is art and culture mixed well in its juices as well. And here is a curtain raiser to all the fabulous art galleries in this Emirati land.


To begin with, let’s talk about art galleries first. These are places or rather a portal to a whole new level of fascinating pieces. Art is a window to the soul, an in-depth study of the thoughts and feelings that float in the mind of the artists, which makes art galleries a magical entryway into the mind zones of the artists.

For some of us, art might not make sense. Like we may just go in from one entry point and go out from another exit point with the ‘in between journey’ being a secret joke that one share with their buddy that the art pieces really don’t make that much sense.

However, a close inspection can always be a fascinating factor, as art is a measure that gives wings to the soul. So, whatever art means to you’ll, funny or fascinating, a superficial play of colors or a deep blend of shades, it’s completely up to you. My duty, as a fellow traveler and Dubai blogger, is to inform where you find these art magical portal galleries in Dubai, and here we go:


  1. The Meem Gallery:

Uno, the Meem Gallery, the first witness and construct that beautifully proves that there is more to art than Instagram posts. This gallery was founded in 2007 and is located in Al Quoz. The artistic initiative was taken by Mishal Hamed Kanno, Sultan Sooud Al- Qassemi, and Charles Pocock who started Meem.


It showcases the works of new talents in the traditional field of Islamic art that boasts features such as beautiful calligraphy, just a pick from my mind. Contemporary artists of the Middle East are championed in this ring of an art exhibition. The exhibitions conducted at the Meem Gallery are often a mesmerizing reflection of the Arab heritage and history, something that you wouldn’t want to miss.


  1. Art Space:

This is another space dedicated to art in Dubai where you can chill and relax for the day, watching and contemplating the Middle Eastern contemporary art. The Art Space Gallery was started in 2003 by an enthusiast who has remained so passionate about his love for art that he extended the veins of Art Space to London in 2012.

This passionate promotion of Middle Eastern Art to the world was an attempt to sew the space between the art of East and West. Top the amazing experience of Art Space with hosting of contemporary, popular art personalities such as Saad Yagan, the Syrian artists.

  1. Opera Gallery

Oh, yes the name is familiar, and you are thinking right. Opera Gallery rings a bell in your mind because this gallery has partners opened up in other capitals of the world such as in Paris, London, Geneva, Miami, New York and Seoul. And just these opera galleries are rocking around the globe, the Opera Gallery in Dubai is also out bursting with creativity.


There is a regular show of some of the most expensive art piece, and by costly, I am talking MULTIMILLION DIRHAMS here. There are orderly auctions in Dubai with the works ranging from names such as Matisse, Chagall, and Botero.

  1. The Miraj Islamic Art Centre

This art aura is located on the Jumeirah Beach Road, close to the belt of beach hotels in Dubai, so it adds convenience to its list of attributes. It is really a place dedicated fully to the wide spectrum of creativity with works drawn from all over the Islamic world. You might even end up emptying your pocket for the day, keeping in view the lovely art pieces and budget friendly prices.

  1. Bastakiya

Present in Bur Dubai, this is the historical place to visit to get a touch of the originality of Dubai. All the skyscrapers went up to kiss the skies; this area remained humbly on the ground to maintain a mirror look of the old Dubai, its art, and culture.


Bastakiya boasts several galleries, and quaint cafes that are a must-see for the artworks present here are truly impressive.

  1. Alserkal Avenue

As the name suggest, this isn’t a four-walled art gallery as such. Instead, it is a home collection of the best of the best, underground art in Dubai. It is more a peak into the upcoming, emerging names in art than the established ones and you would go oh-la-la.

Now you know that there are several art places to explore in Dubai then you previously imagined. So here’s to shopping, skyscrapers, and art *cheers*


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