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Quick Fishing Guide Dubai

Guys, I seriously look like a puppy when my friends go fishing in Dubai without me. Why every guy loves fishing? I don’t know about women, but for men I know we can relate ourselves to fish. How so? Come on pals; fish and men

Dubai Ladies Club… There You Go!

Dubai Ladies Club… Dubai Ladies club is an ultimate women’s paradise. It provides everything that a woman may and can want or need for developing her aesthetic self and proclaiming her physical beauty. The ladies club in Dubai, as I have seen is an exact

Citywalk Dubai: The Extravaganza of Colors

Being in Dubai does not only mean to experience a desert safari or watching the majestic creation, Burj Khalifa. Dubai is also a destination for fashion and party. For all the shopaholics, Dubai is a paradise, because the Citywalk in Dubai has all the high-end

Dubai: A Global Hub For Travel And Tourism

Dubai is one of the greatest hub for travel and tourism. It’s an amazing holiday destination where you will experience over-the-top luxury and soak up the vibrant Arabian culture. Dubai is a traveler’s heaven with breath taking architectural marvels, abundant luxury shopping malls, and a lively

Let’s Take a Feel of Dubai Karama.

Dubai Karama. Dubai Karama is a residential locality situated in Dubai which provides shelter to thousands of people. It is one of the most crowded and densely populated areas of Dubai, and a surprisingly large number of people stay here. My visit to the Karama

The Dubai Dolphin Bay is the way to go!

Does it get any better than swimming on a hot, summer afternoon in cold water? Of course, it does when you have dolphins as your companion. To experience this thrilling encounter, I headed with my family to the Dubai Dolphin Bay at the Atlantis on


One of the Emirates’ most remarkable draws is the boat ride across Dubai’s creek. The city has become so jammed that there is an immense need for some other comfortable trip. Water taxis carry you to your desired location through a scenic route. My mood

Ten amazing places for yoga in Dubai

Why go for Yoga? Pick Yoga for your healthy being! Yoga exhibits a lot of benefits that you can’t even imagine. Yoga filters not only your mood swing but also aids in taming your constant flow of thoughts. Stress, depression, and anxiety — are we

Old Dubai: The Heart and Soul of Dubai

Dubai is not only a young and fast-developing upstart, but it’s also about the grand heritage, historically rich chronicles and the unbelievable charm. There is an added part to this city which is the heart and soul of Dubai; well I am addressing the Old

Al Mamzar Beach Park such a Bliss

Al Mamzar Beach Park locates in Deira (in the north-east part), Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates. From my recent visit what I understood is that the Persian Gulf surrounds the locality of Al Mamzar Beach Park to the north, the Emirate of Sharjah to

Arabian Tea House – The Perfect Escapade

Arabian Tea House – The Perfect Escapade If you love nature and want to escape into the serenity of Al Fahidi, which other places can be better than the Arabian Tea House? Especially if it is a chilly winter afternoon and sunset is approaching. You

The Artistic Face of Dubai: Art-Dubai

The Artistic Face of Dubai: Art-Dubai While many of the travelers may not be aware of the art scene in Dubai and others might complain that it completely lacks any art, there is one thing that I am going to clear in all your minds


“All those you wander are not lost” If you are a traveler and love exploring different places, then I would suggest keeping Al Bastakiya in your wish list. I visited the Al Fahidi Historical neighborhood a few days back, which is a historic district in

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Aventura Amazonia – The tree adventure Park

Aventura Amazonia is well known for being one of the many sizeable international types of webbing of Tree Top adventure parks. Aventura Amazonia has seven parks in total, till date, which are located in Spain, Dubai, and Columbia respectively with the park at Dubai being


Usually, there is a need to be extra careful in selecting the right cruise for you. Trust me; I was shaky too when I had to make such an overwhelming decision. The dilemma is that there are just so many options to choose from. I

A Visual Wonderland- Bab Al Shams Resort !

Have you ever visited a resort decorated by jagged peaks, vast barren plateaus, filled with utmost luxury amid breathtaking views? Have you ever felt like waking up to the sound of the tweeting birds, riding on a camel over sun-soaked dunes, and taking an early

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Bazxar A colourful and Delicious Treat!

Want to have an awesome day out with your friends or enjoy a romantic dinner with your beloved? You are surely looking for a chic restaurant that offers you with some of the excellent recipes. Well, there are several such restaurants in Dubai that would

Being a Dubaian Is Like Living in the Heart of the World

Dubai is the most populous city in the UAE known for its ultramodern architecture and lively nightlife. Although it is the home to expatriates from around the world, is an Islamic state and people over here generally follow Muslim tradition. Courtesy and hospitality is the

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Experience the Thai Royalty at Benjarong Restaurant in Dubai

A person with wanderlust always has mustard seeds under their feet. Apart from traveling, some specific individuals are passionate about exploring food and places as well. I am such a person who is a foodie and is excited about trying new mouthwatering foods that mark

AL BATEEN BEACH where Stress Has No Place!

According to Roy T. Bennett in ‘The Light in the Heart’- attitude, happiness, optimism, kindness, giving, respect all is the choice of the man. Whatever choice you make will make you. So you should choose wisely. Traveling is a choice as well. I took many

A Day in Paradise Call It Atlantis The Palm

When Milton announced his work’s title as ‘Paradise Lost,’ he was possibly right. But he was right then, not presently for I have found a place that refutes this claim! So, let’s start about now: Have you ever thought of a place where a veil

A Tour to the Beautiful World of Musandam

A Tour to the Magical World of Musandam If scintillating scenery, brilliant backdrop, and a vibrant underwater world make your heart ponder with adventure and thrill, and you have some time to spare from the hectic material world then here is one of the most

The destination of dreams – Madinat Jumeirah

Madinat Jumeirah – the Arabian resort is precisely that – a goal of ideas. It’s a five-star resort in Dubai which provides all the luxury that the world can offer, and I was fortunate enough that I had the opportunity to experience. It’s a generous