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Bazxar A colourful and Delicious Treat!

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Want to have an awesome day out with your friends or enjoy a romantic dinner with your beloved? You are surely looking for a chic restaurant that offers you with some of the excellent recipes. Well, there are several such restaurants in Dubai that would match your criteria, but the ‘Bazxar’ in Dubai International Financial Centre or DIFC can be worth the try. And yes, those who are having some trouble pondering over how to pronounce the name, its ‘Bazaar.’
The Design of the Bazxar
The Bazxar has been created keeping in mind the standards of Europe and the United States and the global trends in the market today. The food halls in the place are the ideal indoor ones and would serve dishes from a variety of cuisines. The site is seriously refreshing with a kitchen at Bazxar having a name of its own, ‘The Meat District’. It would allow you a handful of starters, side dishes, burgers, and even hot dogs. There is a cafe inside the restaurant where you can avail some coffee, bakery items, pizzas, and sandwiches. There is also a Wok kitchen where you can avail yourself of some Vietnamese noodle platters and steamed bao.
The place has about six wooden picnic tables that add to the queer setting of the site. There are also three long and high-top tables in the chief dining area. The decor might look a little unconventional, but I have found the site quite cool. The best thing according to me is those cool neon lights and the graffiti you can find on the walls in the Meat District kitchen. However, the cafe is a little separated from the main dining area, and one morning when I was there, I found it too jam-packed. The cafe is separated mainly because of the additional seating space.
Also if you want to throw a party or something, there is a social lounge you can help yourself with that. The place has a central bar that adds to the look of the site. Then I found that there were a separate kitchen and dining room, which offers a different eating experience. That swept me off my feet. So the place is like a congregation of more than one kitchen and adjacent dining spaces. The other dining room offers a more refined dining option and also a different menu, one that you will not find on the casual counterpart.

The Dishes
I decided to stick to the casual dining area and started my dinner one day with the nachos and the crab cake roll. The nachos were a pile of tortilla chips with black beans, chili, green onion, sour cream and what not. It tasted fine, but it sure looked like a mess. There were no naked chips in the dish, and the toppings were not just on the top. However, I liked it. The crab cakes were nowhere near to what I expected. It was a mix of avocado, tarragon, tobiko and jumbo crab, which came packed in two toasted potato buns and not a cake.
I got chicken wok noodles from the Vietnamese kitchen and a grilled Cuban sandwich offered in the cafe. The noodles had a mix of various flavors and had soy-glazed chicken, cashews, peanuts, chestnut, and green onion. It was sweet, sour, salty and good enough for me to get the leftover packed to home. However, the Cuban sandwich wasn’t up to expectations. It had rotisserie chicken, veal ham, pickles, mustard, and provolone, assembled in a panini press for the warmth and slightly crispy Cuban bread. The Swiss cheese did not add the proper flavor that I had expected.
The desserts on offer do not feature any variety – a Nutella milkshake and a skillet chocolate chip cookie. Both are good, but I would recommend the chocolate cookie. The milkshake is homemade Nutella ice cream, topped with whipped cream, broken pretzels and kit kat bars. It is good but too sweet.
The Service
The service is sluggish even on days when the restaurant is not having an unusual crowd. I did not like to have the waiter’s attention every time. Another thing is that there is no local water offered.
So surmising all the aspects, I think that Bazxar is well worth the visit keeping in mind the cheap prices offered by the place. The place surely provides food from a lot of different cuisines and is suitable for people who cannot decide on one. The Bazxar is appreciated not only for its variety of cuisines, but also for the affordability and sheer convenience among the other higher rated restaurants in the region. That is why I would find myself here more than any other restaurant in the area.